Fast, Easy & Cost-Effective Trademark Filing with AKeyMark

Selection and use of a product or service trademark is a sensitive task and may cause some costly mistakes.  There may be some risks associated with trademark use and doing things yourself may not be the right idea.

A good trademark attorney can better review and evaluate the appropriate trademark searches and can assist you to proceed with trademark while reducing the associated risks. Not only this, but trademarks filed by experienced trademark attorneys have higher success rate as compared to the applications filed by individuals. According to a Wall Street Journal report in 2013, trademark applicants represented by attorneys are 50% more likely to get through the registration process than those that who go it alone.

So, if you are a startup or an established business looking to launch a new idea, get your trademark through AKeyMark; an online trademark platform supported by an expert trademark paralegal and attorney team that reviews and files trademark applications.

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Using AKeyMark is very simple. Just fill out an easy online questionnaire, undergo the AKeyMark audit (which is a comprehensive trademark application review and direct hit search), consult with an expert trademark attorney who files your application and receive status notifications right in the AKeyMark dashboard.

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The best time to get AKeyMark involved should ideally be before committing any money to a particular trademark. They can help you save your time and money by completing formalities of the application process in most efficient manner. For a flat $399, you save yourself from big risks, ample stress and lot of time!

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AKeyMark in Their Own Words:

AKeyMark is a patent-pending platform that combines the ease and efficiency of an online trademark form with the added benefit of an expert trademark paralegal and attorney team that reviews and files trademark applications. AKeyMark does not itself offer legal services. Instead, it is an all-inclusive communication tool that people can use to more efficiently engage and work with their legal team and reduce their cost, rather than hiring an attorney directly. Less comprehensive online legal platforms, in contrast, offer little to no access to legal guidance. Essentially, AKeyMark bridges the gap between self-filing trademark application systems and traditional attorney representation.


What Brings AKeyMark to the Spotlight:

It’s interactive, fast, easy and cost-effective.


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