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What Features Do You Need for Designing an Amazon Comparison Chart

If you are looking to boost customer conversions on your website, then an Amazon comparison chart would be the way to go.

What Features Do You Need for Designing an Amazon Comparison Chart

Users can access information about top products at a glance, making them more likely to shop through your website.

This article talks about some of the features you will need to create an efficient comparison chart that could help improve sales for your website.

Features Required for Designing an Amazon Comparison Chart 

Beginner Friendly App

These comparison charts are all about links and code, but several apps in the marketplace let you design them with no coding knowledge required. You can drag and drop the products you want on the chart. The app will pull in relevant data from Amazon, prepare the code, which you will have just copy-paste onto your website.

Compatible with Website Builders

You could have your website built on WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, Wix, or Weebly. You cannot keep on generating different charts depending on the website builder.

The code generated by the designing app should be compatible with the website builder you are using.

Template Customization 

Check if the app offers pre-designed chart templates you could start working on. Also, check for the various customization features provided. Ideally, you should be able to customize the chart, background text, and buttons to reflect the overall design scheme of the website and the brand you are representing.

Responsive Design

According to a report by Statista, mobile devices accounted for 54.8% of global web traffic. Your charts need to keep up with changing trends. Responsive design would be the way to achieve this objective.

A user should be able to browse through the comparison chart with ease, irrespective of the device they are using to visit your website.

Product Availability Alerts

You could lose on commissions if you are displaying a product on the comparison chart that is out of stock on Amazon. Look for a designing app that fetches real-time information on product availability and removes the product from the chart if it is out of stock. Once notified, you could accordingly update the chart with replacement products.

Product Recommendations

If you have a top pick among the 10 or 20 products displayed on the Amazon comparison chart, you should have features available to highlight such choices.

Users tend to get influenced by customer reviews and are more likely to purchase popular
products in the niche market. You could improve sales by highlighting the best product on the list.

Comparison Table Analytics

Analytics provides you insights into how the comparison table is performing on your website. Are users viewing the charts? Has it generated any click-through? You can leverage this information to understand what designs or types of products users usually connect with.

Amazon OneLink Integration for International Shoppers

Comparison carts should provide convenience to users. If you have international shoppers visiting your website, they should be automatically diverted to the respective Amazon domains. This is possible with the help of Amazon OneLink integrated with your comparison charts. With this integration, you can appeal to a global audience without making changes to your website.

Pricing Plan

Price is not necessarily a designing feature, but it should be considered when choosing the designing app for comparison charts. There are several pricing plans available depending on the design features offered and the number of charts you want to create.

Comparison charts help you provide value to the end-user. You should conduct thorough research through keywords to pick the top products in the category you are promoting.

Help buyers make an informed decision with easy access to relevant information. Consider the features mentioned above when choosing an app for designing an Amazon comparison chart.


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