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Feedbackly; An All in One Multichannel Customer Feedback & Analytics Tool

The growth in digital media where it has given the voice to a common man, has also brought new ways for brands to improve their business process and increase profitability. In today’s world, no business can stay healthy without customers’ feedback and to do so, you must explore all the channels with which you can receive the customers’ feedback.

Well, getting feedback is just the beginning; a business must analyze the feedback and take the necessary actions accordingly. However, the problem arises when you cannot force the customers to provide feedback where and how you want; rather they decide the way to communicate with you. Fragmented feedback sources make the feedback analysis just a headache, while many situations require immediate actions!

Feedbackly solves this problem by allowing you to listen to your customers over multiple channels and gather the feedback at one central location. This centralized deposit of feedback data removes the fragmentation and allows you to analyze the big data faster and more conveniently.

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Signup with Feedbackly and receive feedback using social media, email, mobile, POS, QR codes and Feedback Kiosk. Connect the data, measure and enhance customer service; get in touch with them more effectively, retain them and grow sales.

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If you are determined to flourish your business and run it smoothly with better customer data and create awesome customer experiences, Feedbackly is the number one solution! It’s easy to use for almost all type of businesses, i.e. retail, restaurants and ecommerce as well as service businesses that need a single location to manage multiple chain stores.

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Feedbackly in Their Own Words:

Feedbackly is the only software tool that you can use to collect and manage customer feedback and data in multichannel. In other words it is a customer experience measurement and analytics tool. With Feedbackly you are able to easily measure your customer experience in all of your customer touch points, from brick-and-mortar to web sites and eCommerce. The channels that you can use can be e.g. email, feedback kiosk, SMS, Mobile QR codes, Web form, Website popup etc. And all of the channels are already implemented in our software. All data collection is automated and you are able to analyze the insights from one dashboard.


What Brings Feedbackly to the Spotlight:

An all in one multi-channel customer feedback and analytics tool to grow customer retention and boost sales.


Feedbackly Website:

Join Our Small Business Community

Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.


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