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Let it be a startup or a growing small business, outsourcing is one of the most cost effective strategy when used properly. It is more affordable get an expert to do stuff that you cannot afford to do yourself. Most of the times the business cannot handle all processes internally and other times when a process is temporary, outsourcing sounds the best option.

Outsourcing comes with a wide range of benefits, but if you do not happen to find a professional on time, it may backfire! Posting a job on freelancing websites, getting bids, reading the long proposals (when many of them are templated messages), filtering the right candidate, discussing deliverables with him and a long process!

You may lose a good business in that whole time; so think of hiring someone in real time!

This is where you must try Just like Twitter, you have 140 characters to explain what you need to get done! Write 140 characters about your job, shout to the crowd, receive interested freelancers in real time, chat and make a deal!

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Job posting is free, and it comes with easy project management as well as money back guarantee. So, whether you have to get your website design done or looking for expert writers, mobile & web developers or online marketers, you can find them all in real time!

What you should be careful about is the right #hashtag, so you can find the right freelancer.

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Twitter style freelancer marketplace, describe a job in 140 characters and use hashtags for the best matching with freelancers.

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It’s faster and more accurate than others!

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