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Raising handsome amount of funds for a startup is the ultimate goal of any entrepreneur; after all this is an essential to take your startup to the nest level. Some of you start raising capital from friends and family, some opt for credit card funding, while others explore options such as merchant cash advance, getting a business loan, online installment loans and running a successful crowdfunding campaign

Whatever the financing option you choose, make sure it fits well into your business model (here is a quick guide on how to choose the right funding option for your startup). One thing you must know, that selecting the right type of funding may even not work, if you are not actively networking with the right people.

So, if you are reading these lines, I assume;

  • You have a killer idea, but lacking finance to make it happen.
  • You have launched a startup that needs better financing to grow to next level.
  • You are looking for investment for a number of projects.

Well if any of the above is the case, you must join Merar to network with investors from around the world and get your idea, startups and projects funded accordingly. It is one of the best meeting places for investors and entrepreneurs. Merar must be a part of your fundraising action plan, especially when you are intending to grow your startup faster.

Create your very own account and get active in communicating with others. In case if you are too busy to keep up with the activities on, you can always delegate the task to someone from your social media team or hire help to work on Merar and bring investment!

Although Merar is an open platform for entrepreneurs and investors from anywhere in the world, they have main focus on India, China, Brasil, Africa, Central, and Eastern Europe, and of course all other developing regions, so if you fall under any of the above-mentioned regions, you must have presence on Merar.
Networking with potential investors is a must not only when you set up a business, but also when you are doing nothing, because many time, seeing the potential investment you may come up with a great idea. Networking with investors gives you an insight of how investors value a startup and what ideas they want to invest in. If you are a real entrepreneur you may not need to get into the details of whether or not to join Merar, because you already know what to do!

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