Find Local Friends in New City with Pingwheel

It’s very natural that most of our best buddies part away as a result of relocation and all we’re left with is a little connection via Facebook. No matter how many friends you have on Facebook from around the world, you need some local friends to hang out with as well as in time of need.

So, if you’ve recently moved to a new city or your best buddy has just settled abroad, it’s time to look for some more like-minded people nearby. This is what you can do easily with Pingwheel; an online social platform that helps you make local friends with common interests.

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Whether you’re in a new city or expanding your social circle, Pingwheel lets you find local friends based on common ground of interest. You can also find people using the search filters.

It’s simple; once you signup, it asks a few questions like:

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Your age bracket determines the age range of your connections, and keeps everyone else on the outside.

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Pingwheel in Their Own Words:

Pingwheel helps users make local friends with common interests. Instantly find common ground with anyone, and search for people who love the same things you do. Pingwheel works by finding local users with common interests, including the same profession, school, hobbies, interests, backgrounds and personalities.

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Then, we rank local users by common interests, and highlight these interests on each profile to help you personalize your first interaction. Finally, Pingwheel gives you the tools to connect, create plans and hang out.

What Brings Pingwheel to the Spotlight:

It’s very useful tool for those moving cross country or abroad and having difficult time finding people of same interest.

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