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Find Property to Buy or Rent Anywhere in Asia With Spacious

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While searching for a new home, we have to consider so many factors, i.e. budget, locality, type of property, size and above all the source.

Source matters most, because the more trusted the source is, the best property you should get. So, rather than getting confused and heading in several directions, knowing one best place can give you peace of mind.

Searching a new home may not be as hard and laborious as you may have thought if you know the right place to search. Spacious is one such good and reliable addition to the home search across Asian region.

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Let it be Singapore, Taipei, Hong Kong or any other city, finding right homes and apartments to buy or rent is on finger tips now.

It’s simple and easy to use. Besides that, the over/under valued property feature allows users to have a quick comparison to the general market. Spacious’ Rental and Sale price estimates help you to get independent valuation of what a property is worth.

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You can also create alerts for properties of your interest and you will be notified when the estimated value of the sale or rental price changes.

That’s not just all; Lot of value added services like car hire, van hire and storage services from various vendors make everything available under one roof when you plan to move to your new home.

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Spacious in Their Own Words:

Spacious is an online marketplace connecting buyers and tenants with properties throughout Asia. Spacious differentiates itself by combining a superior user experience with powerful analytical tools and relevant content to make the process of buying, renting or selling a property as simple and efficient as possible. Dealing with property agents and existing aggregator sites in Asia is painful.

Participants feel under serviced, over charged and are highly dissatisfied. Many agent listings on aggregator sites are fake or unavailable properties left as bait to generate leads. Additionally, there is limited availability of high quality valuation tools. The real estate market is ripe for a disruptor that can offer market transparency, independence and a superior user experience.

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What Brings Spacious to the Spotlight:

Finding a place to live in asia is very hard and Spacious is making it very easy!

Spacious Website:

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