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Finding the Right Roommate for a Rental

With property prices on a high, it makes sense for many people to share a rental with a roommate. But finding a person who you’re willing to split the bills and be co-responsible for a space with can be a challenge.

Here are some tips to help you find the right roommate for a rental:

Know What You Want in a Roommate

Before you even go looking for a roommate, it’s important to know what you’re looking for. Think about your non-negotiables so that you can avoid co-living with someone you’re not compatible with.

Aside from attributes, write a list of behaviors you’d expect from them, especially in terms of paying dues or cleaning the apartment. Keep your list handy when chatting with any potential roommates.

Look in the Right Places

You can find a roommate by asking mutual friends or advertising on the Internet. The first option is safer as you’ll likely end up with someone that others can vouch for. Going online will take some extra precaution and discernment, but it can be a great way to expand your choices!

Talk About Money From the Get-Go

Payments are some of the biggest concerns that you’ll encounter with your roommate. You’ll be jointly responsible for paying rent and other bills, so you’ll want to ensure that you’re choosing someone who can hold up their end of the deal. Don’t be afraid to talk money from the get-go, breaching topics like income, employment, credit score, payment terms, etc.

Ask Tough Questions

Treat your search for a roommate like a job interview. You’ll want to find someone that ticks all your boxes and to determine that, you’ll need to ask the tough questions.

Ask about their preferences, their lifestyle, and their habits. You might even want to dig deeper into specifics like their daily routine, their diet, and any other things that you might have to consider when you potentially share the space (such as if they’re allergic to pets, if they need certain quiet times, etc.).

Make Arrangements Beforehand

Once you find someone you can see yourself living with, take the next step and start discussing some arrangements about moving in together. Talk about furnishing the apartment, arranging bills, apartment logistics, and tenant content insurance, among other details that could make the transition smoother.

Draw up a Roommate Agreement

To make things official–and to protect yourselves–consider signing a roommate agreement that can establish some guidelines between you and your co-renters. Whether or not this is legally binding, it could help solve any problems you might encounter in the future. Include sections on conflict resolution, rules when bringing in guests, and payment contingencies.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right roommate for a rental will not only ease your monthly payments but will also help make day-to-day life much easier and enjoyable.

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