Fit for Battle; an App to Supercharge Your Motivation Level

Technology where it has made it easier to do day to day tasks, also brought us the laziness and unhealthy lifestyle. Everyone wants to stay fit and so many people buy expensive equipment, but the motivation level goes down shortly, and everything goes in waste.

You may buy equipment, but you cannot buy motivation. However, you can develop motivation from your inner self by entertaining it with what it loves.

Running is one of the best ways to stay fit, but in our day to day life, we do not have any motivation to run daily. But wait, running for fun can be a great motivation. Imagine yourself followed by an attacker, battling orcs, goblins and dragons; the only way to escape is running….

Fit for Battle is an amazing app based on this idea and it makes running fun and keeps you motivated to achieve your fitness goals. The fantasy themed app lets you choose-your-own-adventure styled running game that you listen to on your run.

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You listen to the sounds of the selected adventure and your real-world running affects the direction of the story. Random encounters keep every run different from the last and the immersive sound effects and story keep you entertained while keeping your mind off the actual run.

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Fit for Battle helps you make most out of your workout as it uses proven fitness training techniques, i.e. a high intensity interval training (HIIT), followed by brief recovery periods. HIIT is a proven method for burning fat quickly, so must try the app if you have a weight loss plan in pending!

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The app is suitable for all fitness levels and can be used to run outdoors as well as indoors. Set your difficulty and duration and make running more fun and effective for yourself!

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Fit for Battle in Their Own Words:

There is a new way to go for a walk or run, and it isn’t boring any more. It is called Fit for battle, a new iPhone app that is free to play! Fit for Battle is a fantasy themed, choose-your-own-adventure styled running game that you listen to on your run. The player’s real-world running affects the direction of the story. It is an audio-based virtual reality that is going to change the way people exercise forever.

Join a whole cast of compelling characters and be thrust into a fantasy world of monsters and magic. Where only your running prowess will save the day!


What Brings Fit for Battle to the Spotlight:

It’s not just a fitness app, but a motivation pack for fitness program!


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