Five Office Trends that Will be Making Headlines in 2017

2017 marks a brand new year with new ingenuity in the office. What was once just a fashion fad has now been increasingly incorporated into offices around the world. Companies look for design trends that incorporate productive concepts and promote better natural lighting, efficient workspace, overall wellness of employees, and technological improvements to maximize efficiency and productivity.

Corporate giants such as Facebook, Netflix, and Google have inspired many companies with their unorthodox implementation of playground style design themes, and tech savvy methodologies. What office trend will most likely catch the eye of millions globally? Here are 5 office trends that will make headlines in 2017.


1- Smaller Spaces, More Productivity

Offices are now looking to get more organised. The common theme seems to be to maximize the efficiency of small workspaces but at the same time, allow for maximum productivity. The advancement of technology has also made slimmer, more compact computing devices and tablets available. Offices are now likely to use efficient gadgets such as a dual monitor arm to stably hold two computers or devices together. Office cubicles, meeting rooms, and even kitchens will now be able to save space, and work effectively through two screens mounted on a space effective desk or wall.

The benefits of this are more than just mere ergonomics; it guarantees less clutter, and allows managers to now consider other design possibilities such as a small workspace area with standing desks, and meeting pods.


2- Design themes and Wellness

Themes aimed to promote positivity, and allow for healthier employees seem to be gaining popularity over the past few years and 2017 is no exception. Companies are employing designers to not only incorporate more natural light into the office workspace, but also implement ideas to reduce stress, and add an element of fun into the office environment. Sources such as The Guardian suggests that fun office designs not only reduces stress levels but also helps motivate and rejuvenate employees. The happier and healthier employees are in the long run, the stronger the chances of retaining their talent pool.

Additionally, companies are now increasingly looking to go green with the use of smart tech such as an eco friendly thermostat, which is not only a cost effective long term investment, but it also positively affects the company brand.


3- Casual Attire

According to Forbes, founders of mega corporations such as Richard Branson has revolutionised the need for formal business attire in the workplace. We can expect to see a shift in priority, companies are now moving away from archaic traditions of smart and serious to casual and comfortable in order to maximize productivity and allow creativity to flow.

The implementation of fun office designs, a games room, the cultural and social changes brought by millennials, and technological advancements which now allow work to be accessed remotely, expect to see less suit pants, and more jeans in the office.


4- Searchlight Meetings

Searchlight meetings are fun and short events used by corporations such as Facebook as a way to obtain referrals and new talents. Business Insider Australia reports that talents from referrals generate more profit and are 30% more likely to stay. The idea behind this growing concept is that the best talents know the best people. This not only gives more power to employees to choose who they work with, but also gives them a chance to have their say on who is fit for the job. The referral culture is now a continuing office trend that could revolutionize hiring systems globally.


5- Team Rather Than Individual Performance

We can expect restructured priorities as companies are continuously looking to better performances achieved by teams. The organisational design is set to cater to millennials and younger generations who have been raised to perform competitively as a member of a well functioning and structured team.

Office trends now seek to advocate productivity as more companies are coming to terms with the idea that comfort and practicality will lead to greater results. The continuity and growth of the trends listed above will not only make headlines in 2017, but could also lead to better changes in the future.