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Five Secrets About Video Marketing

Video marketing is a type of content marketing that uses video as the primary form of content collateral. This is the most effective form of marketing as video ads work better than static images ads in every way. They get more clicks, more reach, and they are significantly cheaper per lead comparatively.

In the past decade, two things have happened – demand for video increased, cost of video decreased. This has also become a massive factor in its success. Thanks to innumerable video makers, making the video is simpler than ever.

Here We Have the Top 5 Secrets That Will Help You Make a Successful Video for Marketing Purposes-

The Storyline

The premise of a good video-solely depends on the Storyline it is based on. Just highlighting the aspect which you are selling is never enough. We have to sell the story.

Like Maggi noodles ad, they capture a family-centric story that grabs people’s attention and shows how Maggi’s unchanged taste over the years are like relations that never change. We need something like that.

It can be emotional, funny, animated, etc., infusing storytelling is the key to successful video marketing. Create some value through your video so that the audience feels some connection towards it.

Starting of the Video

It is human nature to form an opinion just by entertaining something during the beginning part. No matter how good the climax is, nobody completes a movie if it is super dull initially.

So the point here is, you need to make the initial seconds of the video engaging and attractive. This ensures that people don’t skip it and watch it till the end, and your message is conveyed correctly.

Opening seconds are crucial, and they give life to your video, so make wise use of them.

Target Customers

It is proven that video marketing reaches more people than any other form. But does your video speak to all of them? Especially in a country like India with a massive, diverse culture, countless languages are spoken, and it is difficult to explain your content to everybody.

So learn to talk to your audience just not by your words, but with your actions, your movement, your body language, and your expressions.

So that despite the barriers, everybody can understand the basic idea of your product or service. Creating videos based on other people’s success stories who have used your product or service is a great way to start.

Social Media Platforms

The critical thing to remember is gone are the days where video marketing could only be used through television and movie halls. This is a new era, and social media platforms present and future video marketing.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, and Snapchat are not just for entertainment and social purposes. They have a vast business side.

People buy and sell their products and services. It reaches a population quantum that is otherwise impossible through any other means.

Evergreen Content

No matter how many good content videos you create, there is a place for evergreen content that is irreplaceable. Like Bollywood songs, we have seen a booming trend of creating a remake of old classics.

The most successful video advertisements have achieved their place by refurbishing and republishing their video over time. To ensure the success of your video, add a video transcript, create an engaging thumbnail image and create attractive keywords in your video headlines and descriptions.

The ad of Hero Honda featuring Hrithik Roshan is replayed in many intervals to keep the originality alive.


Video marketing is the best model for educating your potential customers. It is a form of marketing that shares several factors, including why to use, how to use, satisfied customers, values, and many more within minutes. An ad created through video marketing is unavoidable as it is present in traditional broadcast spots, digital OOH placements, social ads, and countless other channels.

This makes it impossible for a person to avoid it, ensuring success. There was a survey which proved video marketing is 1200% more successful. Video marketing leads to 157% in organic traffic from SERPs. So, to choose the most straightforward, most effective, and cheapest form of marketing, go for video marketing.


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