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Promote Your Brand with Custom Floating Keychains 

Custom floating keychains are those little keychains that can actually float in water that even if you drop it in a bucket or a pond, the keys will not submerge into the water and hence will save your keys from getting lost into oblivion.

Promote Your Brand with Custom Floating Keychains 

Everyone needs a reliable keychain as there will always be a use for it, it is one of those little things that we take for granted, but is actually very useful and practical. We still live in a society that uses keys, although many have gone keyless over the years, as long as there are doors, lockers, cabinets, and gates, keys will be here to stay.

May it is called old-fashioned by some, but there is a sense of comfort to be had by having your precious set of keys in a secure keychain.

The funny thing is that we do not really make the conscious decision to buy keychains, it is almost always given as a promotional item or a souvenir from some trip or vacation that family and friends have gone to.

You can bet that if you looked around your home you will probably find quite a number of unused keychains just gathering dust given to you by someone over the years.

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Although, there are some who have made collecting keychains a hobby and they do have numerous keychains of every size and design, while some try to keep it in a theme, like keychains from other places, state or country, or holiday keychains or keep it in a single-color theme or even promotional keychains.

Thus, using custom floating keychains as a strategic marketing tool is one of the best ways to promote your brand and business and get the needed attention from your target market.

Custom Floating Keychains as Marketing Give-away 

There is an important psychological concept with giving people something free of charge, you feel a sense of attachment to a product or company if you get a gift from them.

Although, everyone knows that it is just a way to promote their brand or company, but receiving something for free does build a psychological contract between the customer and the brand.

This would mean that, since the customer got something for free from the company if ever the customer feels the need to buy something, he or she will primarily consider the one that gave him or her the free gift.

One of the best ways to build brand recognition is to give potential customers and loyal customers something that they will definitely use or give to others, and for this, custom floating keychains are the most practical choice.

Floating keychains are more functional than the simple keychains since it is made from a special kind of material that makes it float in water, which means that if you drop the keychain in a body of water it will not sink into the water, it also has bright colors and will get your attention if it gets to that.

Moreover, it is a very cheap way of building brand recognition, if you spend money on posters or ads, it will really be costly, while using floating keychains will only cost a fraction of that.

Moreover, it is so easy to source and you can customize it any way you want to make it reflect your own brand. You can have it in your brand colors, print your logo or slogan in it, and even have it made in a shape that is identified by your brand.

It will be a cheap and yet effective solution to help you reach more customers.

Designing Your Custom Floating Keychains 

Custom floating keychains are one of the cheapest ways that you can promote your brand and reach potential customers, but with so many keychains out there, and not to mention many promotional items handed out in every store or corner, you need to make sure that your keychains will stand out, and hope to build some sort of following.

At the outset, people do not really refuse any give-away but whether they will place any thought of it will be the challenge.

So you need to at least ensure that when you hand out your custom floating keychains, those who receive them will use them, give them to family and friends, and look out for your brand, pick up the phone or go to your website and buy your product or hire your services.

Some people think it can be a long shot before you can actually realize the positive effects of using a promotional item, but this strategy works, you just need to be patient about it.

As with building your brand, you need to make sure that your brand is identifiable and recalled, so you need to put in your special design on the keychain, this can be done by printing your design directly on the keychains.

It is super-fast, inexpensive and the quality of which is more than what you can get from the usual keychains.

Ordering Custom Floating Keychains

Ordering custom floating keychains are so easy to do that you can do everything without even leaving your home. One great way to find suppliers is through the internet, it seems that you can get anything from online sellers and suppliers nowadays with even lower prices than those who have a physical store.

Once you have found a supplier, you can check the kind of keychains that they sell, and the amount of customization that they do.

You might also ask for a price quote and know that most of the suppliers require a minimum number of orders before they can provide the customization you need.

But, for things like this, you get better deals when you order in bulk. Also, most suppliers will ask you for your own design so it is best to have them on hand before you order, but if you do not have one yet, you can ask the suppliers to make one for you and you just agree to it if it is what you want.

Usually, they also give you proof of the design or a sample and you need to approve it before they actually start making the keychains.


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