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FLUX; High Performance Electric Bikes to Supercharge Your Legs

Bikes have some awesome benefits, i.e. you don’t need to spend money on licensing and insurance and also get improved health and connection with community. The only problem is that it needs physical effort, but that too can be managed to a greater extent with electric bikes.

Electric bikes eliminate most of the challenges of traditional pedal-powered cycles, but the real advantage is their efficiency in climbing hills or fighting the wind. There are different types of e-bikes for different rides. For example, if you enjoy offroad biking then the fat tire electric bikes will be your best bet. For complete guides and unbiased reviews about e-bikes just visit ScooterAdviser. Moreover, you can travel to work in extreme heat without too much sweat and hard work!

However, there are some disadvantages too, i.e. they are expensive, may not be safe and the battery may not last longer. FLUX Electric Bikes cover the loopholes very efficiently. With Flux electric bikes, you can ride longer, explore further and conquer hills you never thought possible!

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flux bikes image 1

The three types of bikes they have:

  1. Roadster for maximum distance and speed on sleek low resistance tires.
  2. Trail for off road experience with aggressive tires.
  3. Attack for conquering the mountains with maximum control.

The special thing about FLUX is that it is powered by the same batteries as the Tesla Model S, so you can have a smoother yet more powerful ride. Besides that it’s lightweight as compared to all other e-bikes, i.e. it weighs less than 50 pounds with quick release wheels for maximum portability.

flux bikes image 2

And most importantly, it gives you an average of 46 miles in full power with 17AH integrated battery.

Keeping your safety at high priority, FLUX bikes come with state of the art hydraulic disc brakes.

flux bikes image 3

Now coming to the costs, the bikes are available at amazing prices via Indiegogo. Some offers are all sold but still there are some great prices for early birds. Go grab yours and enjoy the smooth, powerful and safe ride with peace of mind!

flux bikes logo

FLUX Electric Bikes in Their Own Words:

Electric bikes with mid-motor, hydraulic disc brakes and an impressive 46-mile range. Thanks to the same lithium batteries used in the Tesla Model S. Makes you feel superhuman. Flattens Hills. Slashes commute times. Destroys lycra clad wearing biker’s egos. Makes you substantially more desirable.

What Brings FLUX Electric Bikes to the Spotlight:

Impressive mileage and better safety standards!

FLUX Electric Bikes Website:

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