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Food & Dining Business Ideas

Food is one of the recession proof industries; it’s a necessity, it’s always in demand irrespective of the changing market conditions and above all, everyone will look for it till he lives.

So starting a business in food industry is definitely your smart choice. the industry is big, options are boundless and the competition is tough, so defining your very own specialty under a profitable niche based on your target audience is very much important.

This is why we have brought an extensive list of food business ideas for you. Check it out and see what you can do best.


1- Home Based Bakery Business

2- Custom Cakes Business

3- Large Scale Bakery Business

4- Bartender For Hire

5- Bottled Water Supplier Business

6- Brew Pub

7- Buffet Only Restaurant

8- Catering Service

9- Chocolate Making

10- Coffee Kiosk

11- Coffee Shop or Cafe Business

12- Coffee Shop Franchise Business

13- Community Restaurant Guide

14- Cookie & Cakes Gift Business

15- Cooking Classes Service

16- Specialty Recipes Website

17- Dessert Shop

18- Home Cooked Lunch for Offices

19- Doughnut Shop

20- Farmers’ Market

21- Freelance Bartender

22- Pizza Delivery

23- Frozen Yogurt Shop

24- Gourmet Coffee Kiosk

25- Gourmet French Fry Stand

26- Fish & Chips Restaurant

27- Fish & Chips Delivery Service

28- Grocery Delivery Service

29- Holiday Drink Guides

30- Hot Dog Cart

31- Ice Cream Stand

32- Juice Bar

33- Kitchen Items Shop

34- Online Kitchen Accessories Sale

35- Online Organic Food Sales

36- Seafood Sales

37- Packaged Herbs and Spices

38- Peanut and Nut Sales

39- Personal Chef Service

40- Pizza by the Slice

41- Popcorn Cart

42- Prepackaged Energy Foods

43- Prepackaged Vegetarian Foods

44- Vegetarian Only Restaurant

45- Frozen Vegetables

46- Romantic Catering

47- Sandwich Delivery Service

48- Seafood Sales

49- Specialty Sauces

50- Sports Bar

51- Barbecue Restaurant

52- Wedding Cakes Service

53- Fast Food Restaurant

54- Fast Food Delivery Service

55- Online Animal Foods Sale

56- Small Scale Fruits & Vegetables Farm

57- Coffee Truck

58- Ice Cream Truck

59- Lunch Truck

60- Food Writer

61- Food Blog

62- Food Magazine

63- Food Exhibitions Organizer

64- Food Marketing Services

I hope you got enough of the ideas to take start. If you think it’s still missing in the list, you may merge a couple of options above to come up with a unique idea of your own!

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