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Furnishing A Franchise Restaurant

Are you considering a franchise business in the food and beverage industry? There are many advantages and disadvantages involved in franchise restaurants. And one of the issues to consider is the overall appearance and furnishings of a franchise eating establishment. 

Franchise Restaurants- Why They Can Be A Good Choice

One of the most popular and successful industries for franchise businesses is the food and beverage industry. They often require minimal investment and can be extremely profitable. When customers are looking for a restaurant they will immediately be drawn to the familiar brands that they feel they can trust. If your franchise restaurant business can recreate a recognizable, and trusted brand experience, then you are likely to succeed. 

Franchise Restaurant Décor and Furniture

To be recognized by the public as a chain restaurant of a popular brand you have no choice but to duplicate the successful décor, color scheme, signage, and logo of the original brand. Research has shown that customers can recognize fast-food restaurant brands by their colors alone.

And if you’ve created restaurant décor that can be easily identified with the brand then customers will visit your establishment without knowing anything about you, or your restaurant experience. They know the brand, and that is enough.

Getting It Right

If you get your restaurant booths in the wrong shade of red, or if your restaurant’s logo is not identical to the original brand then you won’t benefit from the brand’s reputation. The beauty of opening a franchise restaurant is that the brand already has a faithful following of customers who will want to dine at your establishment. So long as your restaurant is visually identifiable as belonging to the brand. 

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Contractual Obligation of Franchise Restaurant Decor

Usually, the franchise contract will give specific details about the mandatory décor and even name official suppliers whom you may or may not be required to purchase from. A standard franchise agreement names the franchisee as an independent contractor.

As such the franchisee does not have control over the brand standards, including the restaurant décor and furniture. You will have control over human resources and management but you will not have control over the appearance of the restaurant.

The franchisee will generally have the right to find and select the site for the new business but then they will need to develop that site according to the franchisor’s standards. Before you can open your restaurant the franchisor will need to give its approval. They will check that your franchise restaurant is built in the agreed territory and location boundaries. And meets the design and brand standards. 

Use of Brand Elements as a Franchise Restaurant

You’ll be able to use the trademarks, signage, patents, and manuals associated with the franchise but they will remain the intellectual property of the franchisor brand. The franchise agreement will govern how you can use the intellectual property of the brand. And this will also affect your choice of furniture and interior design of the restaurant.

Your agreement will stipulate where and how you can use the brand logo, the color of the décor, and often the type of restaurant furniture you will require. If the brand is identified with a diner-style restaurant with booths, you will have to install restaurant booths in your establishment. The restaurant layout will also be specified in a franchise agreement. So you won’t be able to decide to “try something new” or rearrange the furniture. 

Freedom To Create Your Franchise Restaurant’s Décor

The amount of control you have over your franchise restaurant’s décor depends on the brand and your franchise agreement. Most brands will include standards and guidelines in the agreement and the franchise manual that the franchisee must abide by. However, some brands allow franchise holders a little more wiggle room when it comes to putting their personality into the franchise restaurant.

Even if you are tempted to make the restaurant “express who you are” remember the reason people will come here to eat is because of the recognizable brand. All franchise agreements will require you to maintain the brand image in order to maintain consistency among all the franchise restaurant locations.

This is the appeal of a franchise restaurant. If you wanted a business where you could express your personalized style and design then a franchise business is probably not the right choice for you.

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