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Top 37 Free & Low-Budget Marketing Ideas To Promote Any Business

Are you looking for the best way to promote your business? Chances are, you have heard people suggesting to allocate a good share of your money just on marketing. But we think otherwise. Indeed, investing a reasonable sum of money would better-up your marketing strategy. But there are always many free and low-budget ways one can use to market their business, and especially in the digital age.

Today, in the journey of picking the best way to promote your business, we are going to cover the top 37 free and low-budget ideas. So, whether you own a small biz, a non-profit organization, or anything in the world, the following are some great business advertising ideas to follow. 

Top Ideas to Market Business on Social Media

Start A YouTube Channel

Do you know that YouTube has more than 2 billion logged-in monthly users? And YouTube is the second-most visited website on the internet? Yet, many businesses don’t have their channel on YT. So take advantage of the platform’s traffic today by creating your channel and keep it blooming with rich content.

Get Assistance From Insta Influencers

In the digital age, influence marketing has been booming. You can find many influencers on Instagram and ask them to promote your business for a small fee, favor, or any other trade. Your business would get the immediate spotlight within hours. But make sure you / your business has an Insta account so that the influencer can mention it.

Get On TikTok

TikTok has about 80 million active users only in the United States. And the count is only growing. So why aren’t you joining the bandwagon? Get On TikTok and promote your business, especially if your biz compels the young demographic. And lastly, the app automatically makes your videos go viral using a proprietary discover algorithm no matter how few or many followers you have.   

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If your business appeals to this demographic, then you should definitely consider using TikTok to promote your business. You can even buy tiktok views to give your business a boost. There’s no doubt that TikTok is one of the hottest social media platforms out there right now. And if you’re not on it, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to reach a large and engaged audience.

Open A Twitter Account

Twitter has an advertising audience of 353 million. As a business owner, that’s a lot of traffic potential. So create a Twitter account today and start building up your profile. Share updates, upcoming events, info about your products, etc., to start getting relevant on the internet’s front page. And yeah, participate in Twitter Chats to diversify your promotion circle. 

Post & Share Compelling Content Frequently

In the quest to find the best way to promote your business, nothing beats posting and sharing compelling content frequently. On your all social media handles, attract the audience by writing stories, sharing information, uploading images, and whatever makes your biz stands out in the crowd. Don’t leave your social profile like a Gen-Z introvert who has 0 Insta posts. 

Use Hashtags

We are living in a world where sentiments, emotions, news, and everything in between get gathered on hashtags. That’s why businesses use hashtags on their profile and profile posts. With #s you can join discussions, events or start your own. And everyone can join, making them ideal for promoting your business. Here’s a great guide on the topic; feel free to check it out.

Make Most Of The Social Media’s Shop Feature

Why create an online store for your website when you can sell using the shop feature found on various social platforms? By utilizing the shops on Facebook, Instagram, and the upcoming Twitter Shopping module, you can easily advertise your business offerings without worrying about traffic, SEO, user engagement, etc. The shop feature would do everything for you; you just need to upload pictures, set titles/descriptions, and set prices.

Invest In Facebook Ads

Facebook has 2.74 billion monthly active users. And an average user clicks on 12 ads per month. So why haven’t you thought about investing in Facebook Ads? Use the platform to reach out to the masses. Although you’ll have to pay some money, the average price of an ad on FB has decreased 9%-so it’s a win-win. 

Be Kind To Your Social Media Followers

Your business followers on social media platforms aren’t following your biz but what you are putting out. And if you aren’t providing them any value, they’ll unfollow you quite soon. So, start being kind to your social media followers. Meaning, host giveaways, offer coupons, start a lucky draw. And then, see how your engagements sky-rocketing.

Put Out Interactive Content On Your Social Handles

In the journey of picking the best way to promote your business, one of the best ideas is to put out interactive content. For instance, post polls, quizzes, host competitions, etc. Engage with people by posting interactive content. Your audience would love to participate and share it with others-talk about free advertising. 

Upload Behind The Scenes

Admit it or not, we all loved to see BTS of movies, TV shows, reality programs, heck, what’s going on in the life of a famous celebrity. It’s human nature to be curious about what’s behind the curtains. So whether it’s an interview with an employee or a montage of your staff having fun, make use of this psychology and upload behind the scenes of your business.

Tag People, Companies & Stay Engaging

To market your business, you’ll have to increase your company’s outreach. And one of the best ways to do that is by tagging people, companies and then engaging with them on a frequent basis. Not only would your potential customers grow, but your business would also start being the center of attention for everyone connected with those people and companies.

Pay To Boost Your Posts

Next up, if you want to get involved in all the marketing mumble-jumble, you can simply pay to boost your posts. Almost all social media platforms offer their customers to boost their posts and pages for a price. Not only it’s easy, but you also get to pick your audiences and set other custom filters to promote your biz in the best way possible.

Build Your Audience On Quora

If your business has any sort of specialization, it can significantly benefit from Quora. This website is a question-answer forum where some ask questions and others answer them. Small businesses can start building their audience by answering specialized questions. And then, this can act as a discovery medium for other users. Thus, making Quora one of the best platforms to promote your business. 

LinkedIn Marketing

Often under-utilized by big and small business owners, LinkedIn Marketing has a great potential for promoting any sort of business. Set up your venture’s profile on the website and start making connections. This would result in lead generation, and that can be used to improve brand awareness along with fostering business relationships and partnerships.

Best Ways To Locally Promote Any Business

Setup A Google My Business Profile

Searching for the best way to promote your business locally? Google My Business profile has got your back. This easy-to-use listing tool would help you to manage your presence across Google services like Google Maps & Search. In addition, you can use the feature to expand your business exposure by adding photos, information, address, contact information, and everything in between.

Join Local Events

Want to aware people, stores, and brands around you that you are in business for free? Start joining local events. According to your business’s nature, look for the upcoming events around you and book a spot today. Similarly, prepare brochures, flyers, etc., that you can hand out to people in the event. 

Plan An Event

Can’t find an event that aligns with the nature of your business? Don’t worry; take a step forward and plan an event yourself. Although you’ll have to spend some money, as a host, you’ll be in control of everything. And that’s where you can market your business to a like-minded audience.

Get Local Press

Another best way to promote your business locally is by getting local press coverage. Start by writing your brand’s story without sounding salesy. Share how your business is bringing positive changes. Long-story-short, make a newsworthy sample and share it with the reporters in the local press. And once it’s shared, your business will start capturing attention in no time.

Engage With People Around You

To locally promote your business, you can engage with people around you. Print out your business’s brochures, flyers, etc., and then go to streets, stores, parks, etc., to inform people about your concern. Distribute things you have printed, communicate with them and educate them about your vision, mission, and values.

Hit The Streets With Good Old Visual Marketing Schemes

Next up, it’s time to hit the streets with the good old visual and community marketing ideas. For example, you can put up a well-designed storefront design, print & display lawn signs, and get featured on municipal & highway signs. And if you have some money, you can promote your business on a billboard or put up its sign as decals on cars. 

Partner With Local Charity & Other Businesses

There’s nothing like joining hands with a local charity and other businesses to promote yourself. So start working with your community, local startups, and charity homes to turn up the buzz of your own venture. Be helpful to them and provide some value to see how greatly they’ll advantage your cause.

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing involves going out and directly talking to new people. You can directly market your business by sending your street team with custom-printed tees, coupons, and other promotional materials. You can also set up a sampling program in a high-traffic area along with sending volunteers for local causes.  


If you have some money, you can choose the paid advertising route. This includes setting up locally targeted ads on Google Ads, advertising on radio, local newspapers, and sponsoring a local event. This would help your business receive the attention it deserves without spending an ample amount of time. 

Undercover Marketing

The best way to promote your business is not to sound salsey. And that’s where undercover marketing comes in. Also known as stealth promotions, this would help you to naturally and traditionally promote your business. You can do so by speaking at local events, reaching out to local media, and taking shout-outs and reviews from local influencers.  

Local Search Platforms

You can also try using the local search platforms in your favor to promote your business. How? Simply set up profiles on apps and websites that provide information about locations like Yelp, Trip Advisor, etc. Then, maintain those profiles by keeping all the vital info about your biz up-to-date so that more people can find it easily.  

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Other Solid Methods To Advertise Business

Create A Website

Although it’s kind of obvious, many businesses don’t have their personal website. And without a website, your brand won’t have a sense of credibility amongst the audience. That’s why you must own a website. For that, you can hire a freelancer or learn to build your own site via WordPress or other no-code tools like Wix. 

Guest Post Blogging

Guest Post blogging would help you to get in front of someone else’s audience to promote your thing. Not only would it drive traffic to your website and social media platforms, but linking would also hugely cause your brand to appear on search results. So offer people and blogs to write guest posts their audience would love and make the most of the opportunity. 

Affiliate Marketing

Similar to a referral program, affiliate marketing incentivizes other people to bring in traffic and exposure to your business at a commission. If your business is new, finding your first affiliates would be hard. But you can use services like E-Junkie to increase your campaign and find just the right members.    

Don’t Forget About Infographics

32% of marketers say visual images are the most important form of content for their business. Infographics are one of the best ways to deliver content with great engagement. And not to mention, other sites and pages also might feature your infographics. This elevates the circle of your promotion and brings in organic traffic.  

Don’t Give Up On Email Marketing

Who said email marketing had lost its significance? It’s still one of the most cost effective ways to promote your business, with an average return of $42 on every dollar invested. You can use email marketing tools like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, etc., to create beautiful professional emails for sending them out to your audience. 

Never Underestimate Search Engine Optimization

The best way to promote your business online is using SEO or Search Engine Optimization. According to research by WolfGangDigital, online businesses receive over 35% of total traffic and 33% revenue from the results of search engines. So, invest in SEO, and you will not certainly regret the decision. 

Host Webinars

Who doesn’t like free information right from the business owner? One way to interact and engage with the audience while promoting your brand is to host webinars. Take questions from your followers and turn them into topics. Then, call in for a free or paid webinar and let people directly see you providing helpful information and solving their queries. 

Try Guerilla Marketing

If you are feeling brave and can handle some criticism, it’s time to give guerilla marketing a shot. This type of marketing deals with using creativity and ingenuity to promote your brand in public spaces. The marketing strategies are aimed to entertain and help people by going a bit rogue. A good example of guerilla marketing can be using chalks to write your Instagram username on a sidewalk.    

Launch A Customer Loyalty Program

Nothing works better than launching a customer loyalty program. As a business, your shortcut to promote yourself on a good forte is starting rewarding programs for your customers. Not only would it push the customers to buy more, but they’ll also tell others in their group to check out your page. You can also run special loyalty programs on events to gather even more attention. 

Host Or Appear On A Podcast

The best way to promote your business online in the pandemic is to host or appear on a podcast. People are loving the idea of podcasts more than watching videos, listening to songs, etc. And not to mention, via podcast, you get to reach a targeted audience without making any extra efforts.

Keep An Eye On Hot Online Trends

Lastly, you need to keep an eye on hot online trends to get your fair share of the hype. In today’s trending age, people are getting famous overnight. So why not your business can gain the popularity it deserves? Religiously follow trends and find ways on how your business can connect with them in the most natural way. And then, make your move on the right platforms to get the most out of them.  

Final Words

And that’s a wrap! Have you found the best way to promote your business? We bet you have. And if you haven’t, please thoroughly go through the list once again, and you’ll indeed find gold.

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