Frenvid; a Platform for Real Time Co-watching Movies & TV Shows

Cinema transports us back in time as well as in future and lets us explore the unknown planets and the worlds! With the technological innovation and developments, cinema is not just about a story, but more of a social experience.

Watching an average movie with a friend is a way better experience than watching a super hit alone! However, the problem happens when your friends cannot join you for any reason, though they wanted to.

Frenvid solves the problem and lets you watch a wide selection of movies and TV shows, including the newest releases with your friends or loved ones in real-time!

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It’s a social video streaming platform that lets you enjoy the cinema level social experience from anywhere on any device. All you need is a Frenvid account to browse and access available content with your friends; no 3rd party installations or downloads required but yes, you and your friends must have high speed internet!

You can use Frenvid on a wide range of devices including desktops, tablets and smartphones. Yes, it’s a paid service, but worth spending the amount!

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If you are larger group of friends, i.e. up to 5, the subscription account suits you best. Imagine all that fun for as low as $5.99/month. And yes, you also get the first month free, so do not hesitate to give it a try!

The other option is Pay per View whereby you are charged only for what you want. This option however allows only two people in the account!

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Frenvid in Their Own Words:

Frenvid is a social video on-demand streaming platform that will let you watch movies and TV shows with friends in real-time. Frenvid offers two business model – subscription and pay per view. The service does not require any link sharing, 3rd party installation, downloads and users still have access to studio movies all in one place. This significantly differentiates Frenvid from its competitors.

What Brings Frenvid to the Spotlight:

The interactive real time experience!

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