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Fypio Manages a $1Million Funding from Angel Investors

With the end of 2014, fypio was able to manage a $1 million funding from Angel investors. Founded in mid 2013, fypio had a troubled initial phase, however it soon overcame its hiccups.

Fypio is a fun and smart VR app for real estate with which you can discover, collect and share your home. It offers a personalized experience that cater to the unique taste and the needs of the real estate buyers.

Fypio realizes that prospective buyers have different needs. Some prefer to have a luxurious bathroom, some are attracted by the expansive kitchens whereas some want a good driveway.

fypiio image

This service organizes the residential properties as well as commercial real estate that are listed on the Multiple Listing Services. It provides  a glance to the demographics as well providing valuable information about schools hospitals, houses hold incomes air quality as well as crime rates.

It is like a personalized service that will tell you what is important to you and your family and suit your tastes.

Unlike other similar apps which just show prices as well as location of the properties, Fypio provides the user with a scroll down list consisting of colors pictures from MLS and further categories into bathing refines, spicy colorful kitchens, dream bedroom havens, fun backyard playground and more.

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