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Which Gaming Startups Have The Most Money Invested In Them?

Investing in the gaming industry is truly trending these days. The market has become stronger than it’s ever been, especially since the pandemic. During the quarantines, people were closed in their homes with nothing to do. Many of them resorted to games as a means of entertainment. Now, the expansion is expected to reach $321 billion by 2026 for the global gaming industry.

Still, not all gaming startups enjoy the same interest from investors. This, of course, depends on the idea and the pitch. However, some startups simply attract more investors because they are in the trending niches.

For people looking to get a return on their investments, gaming is a costly landscape that comes with high development and marketing costs. However, the potential is grand, so they are definitely not put off because of the costs.

The types of startups that have the most money invested in them today are:

  • Casino gaming startups
  • Blockchain gaming
  • Console/PC games
  • Mobile-focused games
  • Esports platforms
  • Educational games

Let’s delve into these now.

1.  Casino Gaming Startups

The casino industry is at its peak compared to any other period, especially the online gambling world. Today, investing in a casino business is a very promising opportunity. This is why most investors jump at placing money in new and licensed online casino business opportunities. As the interest grows, so does the chance to get a high return for them.

When it comes to an online casino business opportunity, we aren’t just talking about putting some money into an online site that features games. Investors actually put millions into game development for the casinos i.e. the software companies that provide their games. They also invest in modern technologies that attract more players, such as trending banking methods like Payid. You should check this review by AustraliaCasinoReviews experts to learn more about it.

If you are interested in putting some money in the gaming world, gambling software companies and their stocks are the most popular choice right now. And while giant providers are the obvious choice you cannot go wrong with, such as Playtech or Evolution Gaming, these usually come at steep prices. This is why small startups generate high investments – brands can buy more stocks at a lower price in a very promising market.

2.  Blockchain Gaming

Another sector that gathers most of the investments in startups that create blockchain games. As a matter of fact, more than half of the investments in new, small companies went to NFT and blockchain startups, which add up to over $2.2 billion. The second quarter of 2022 marked the beginning of 4 nine-figure funds devoted solely to blockchain gaming.

As the cryptocurrency market is growing, so does the interest in it and the number of users. This is why investors are pouring tons of cash into these startups.

3.  Mobile-Focused Games

There aren’t many people in the world that don’t use their phones daily – most use them for hours every day. As a matter of fact, people resorted to using desktops solely for work and gaming which requires high performance. The rest of them enjoy casual gaming on their mobile and the flexibility that it offers. They can do this from the comfort of their home while commuting to work, or during their work breaks.

That being said, many of the investments go to mobile games, especially the apps that come with in-app purchases.

4.  Esports Platforms

Esports game developers aren’t the only ones getting the attention of investors. Platforms for esports actually get higher sums these days, including the streaming ecosystem with players who broadcast their own gameplay.

The esports world is stronger than ever, so investing in small streamers and startups that offer this form of content to interested parties has great potential for high returns, too.

5.  Console/ PC Games

These investments are much higher but, while they cost more, they can generate high returns for the investors. Gamers invest a fortune in the equipment they’ll use for gaming and the games they’ll play. This is why startups that develop promising console and PC games attract millions in investment money.

6.  Educational Games

The pandemic made many changes in our world, and one of them was the switch to digital learning. Even now when students are back in traditional classrooms, a lot of education relies on technology. Not to mention, millions of them study online – entire programs, short courses, etc.

A lot of this learning is combined with educational games to entertain, engage, and help educate the students. Investors frequently put their money into games that promote education.

Why Are The Investments So High Right Now?

Many people migrated to the web and technology for entertainment. Led by the technological advancements that made gaming more immersive and engaging than ever, as well as the pandemic, there are more gaming enthusiasts in the world than there have ever been. Globally, gaming investments in the first half of 2022 exceeded the records from before, and the numbers are expected to grow to $218.7 billion in 2024.

What does this tell us? Well, it seems like people will continue to play online even long after the pandemic is over. The interest isn’t fading, and companies are making tremendous advances in game development. Right now, investing in gaming startups is one of the best opportunities.

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