Garageio Raises $30,309 Against the Targeted Amount of $25,000

Generating 22% more than its expected fund raising Garageio is in the news now. The company generated $30,309 against the intended $25,000 at Fundable. The money was pooled in by around 228 people from various parts of the globe.

If you are looking for a safe and secure monitoring of your garage from any part of the world, then Garageio offer you a perfect option, that too, without the need of replacing your garage door. This promising technology is what Garageio is offering.

garageio image

This great app allows you to operate your garage doors from any part of the world thus eliminating the need to watch it frequently, giving access to close friends and family and thus providing great convenience.

Garageio is developed by Alottazs Labs, an Ohio based company which wants to deliver this product to the masses. It consists of two main parts, i.e., Garageio mobile app which is available for both iOS and Android and Garageio Blackbox, which is small hardware equipment that will be installed in your garage. The developers has so far generated $80,000+ in revenue till date.

The developers intends to raise more money in next half year to meet its scale production, integration of technology and to ship internationally. However, they are hopeful that this convincing technology will attract many investor in near future.