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GCR; Helping Medical Clinics Worldwide to Improve Their Standards

It’s a common practice today to check restaurant’s rating online before visiting the same. It’s not just about the restaurant, but any other place where you are going to spend a specific amount, i.e. hotel, salon, spa, retail shop and so on.

We may do the same before visiting a doctor too, but unfortunately, there’s no specific known source of information other than Google Places which may not be enough to take right decision.

GCR is a good entry in the healthcare rating system as it serves both healthcare patients and clinic owners to evaluate the apparent standard of the facility.

The portal uses a unique algorithm that predicts the expected quality standard of any particular medical clinic, or group of clinics within a town, country, or worldwide. Currently, there are +124,000 dental clinics from Americas, Asia, Europe and Middle East & Africa are listed on the website. In the next turn, fertility clinics and plastic surgery clinics will be taken onboard. The listings are comprised of clinics only and do not include hospitals.

It’s a good move to improve the healthcare standards worldwide by guiding people to the right doctor and providing clinics with the opportunity to outrank.

GCR medical rating main image

GCR in Their Own Words:

How does your clinic compare to another one in your town? I can tell you exactly. As the manager of a dental clinic I wanted to know how my clinic compared to other clinics in the local area, so that I could see in which areas we could better serve our patients. With two friends of mine, we put a list of local clinics together, including my own and scored them from 1-5 on various factors.

The list kept on growing as we shared this list with other clinic owners, and they too, got many benefits from using the list for their own clinics. There’s now +124,000 dental clinics and our growing community of clinic owners and patients have used the website to get a “GCR Score”.

What Brings GCR in the Spotlight:

It’s probably the first international attempt to determine the quality standards of medical clinics in every country, allowing the public to see how the clinics that they visit compare to those in the same town, country or worldwide.

GCR Website: https://www.globalclinicrating.com/