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Get All Your Business Data Under One Roof with

The new technologies, changing consumer trends and the tough market competition altogether make it an essential for any business to invest in research and development. The more you are aware of the stats, the better decisions can be taken.

Get All Your Business Data Under One Roof with

To follow a proper growth track, every business uses various tools & resources to collect and analyze consumer data as well increase the outreach and explore new channels. Let it be website traffic or activity on social media,  eMail Marketing analytics or sales and leads data, regular account management is a must.

But the main problem is managing them separately! It’s a big headache to manage so many accounts and sync accordingly on time.

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An ideal solution for such a situation could be something that brings all your accounts at one place and with a single dashboard can exhibit all the data and stats in understandable manner. is one such solution. Create a free account and try today!

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After connecting specific channels, you can start analyzing your data in minutes! And, switching dashboard is just a click away. The detailed reports can be printed as well as saved as PDF.
It’s though a good solution for individual small businesses, it’s ideally most suitable for agencies that manage PR and marketing for multiple companies.

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Create your neatly account and connect over 30 providers and view a range of data all under one roof. You can also create custom dashboards and manage unlimited companies from one account. collates a wide range of information from multiple sources and presents it in a simple understandable format; saves time by not having to login into multiple accounts find your data.

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Your business data, neatly under one roof! Website:

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