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Get Better Video Testimonials and 5 Easy to Implement Tips

Any wise marketer understands that the most persuasive messages do not come from sales reps or email campaigns but rather from happy and satisfied customers.

Get Better Video Testimonials and 5 Easy to Implement Tips

As such, video testimonials from happy and satisfied customers can be one of the most excellent marketing and sales tools you can include on your website to help boost your sales. But how can you get better video testimonials?

Five Easy-To-Implement Tips On Getting Better Video Testimonials.

1. Asking Great Video Testimonial Questions

Recording a video testimonial requires a strategy. The idea is not to coach the customer since you want them to give their honest feedback based on their experience with your product or service. When making your own video testimonial, it’s recommended to have a list of questions that you could share with the testimonial subject beforehand to help them prepare for their responses. Additionally, it would be best to structure the interaction with the subject as an interview by asking them questions, having them reply, and later editing the interview to make it look more like a testimonial.

2. Focus On The Benefits

The chances are that customers watching your video testimonial already know the features of your product or know that they can look up the features on your website. They are interested in learning how your product or service can make a difference in their lives. When recording video testimonials, ensure that they focus on the customer’s pain points and how your product or service has helped them solve them. This kind of testimonials connects with real people having real problems for which they seek real solutions.

3. Make Them Short And To The Point

Always have it in your mind that your viewers are busy and have many distractions, so you must ensure your testimonials are short and to the point. Even the most interested customer may not be willing to spend a lot of time watching a testimonial, so you must ensure that it gets straight to the point in the shortest time possible. Ideally, testimonial videos should be at most around three minutes, but shorter is even better.  Additionally, ensure you include excellent video effects and transitions to keep your audience’s attention throughout the video.

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4. Use High-Quality Equipment

In today’s digital world, quality is everything. Poor-quality videos can be a put-off to your audience, making it vital to work with high-quality equipment. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to spend thousands of dollars investing in cinema-quality cameras. You could opt for rental cameras and gear such as tripods, lavalier microphones, and lights that can help improve the picture and audio quality of your video testimonials.

5. Add Graphics and Text

A simple video testimonial can have a huge impact. But, adding overlay text and graphics can make it even more powerful. The added visual does not only provide a good way to include statistics and facts, but it also keeps the viewers engaged so they can grasp the specific points you want to emphasize.

If your team doesn’t have a professional graphic designer to help you add this visual aspect to your video testimonials, don’t fret. Many video editing tools like Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, OpenShot, or iMovie can help you achieve this. Watching other professionally made video testimonials can also help you learn this technique.

Final Words

Growing your business becomes possible when you know what is needed and how to do it well. Using testimonial videos in your marketing strategy can be an excellent way of connecting to your customers across multiple channels. By implementing the tips highlighted above, you will be on your way to creating better video testimonials that can help make a significant increase in your sales.


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