Get Spinn Coffee & Say No to BAD Coffee

Coffee PODs due to their convenience have become increasingly popular over the last decade. Originally designed for office use only, it’s a common kitchen fixture now, almost everywhere around the world.

Surely Coffee PODs are highly useful, but there are some drawbacks too, i.e.:

  • Causing health issues due to plastic containers and the top lid with Aluminum exposure.
  • Massive plastic waste negatively effecting environmental hazards.
  • And above all, the higher costs.

Well, Spinn Coffee is the coffee maker you’ve been waiting for; whether you prefer drip, French Press or an espresso! It uses only beans, no pods, capsules or filters, so it’s a coffee maker that makes awesome coffee with zero environmental waste.

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Pre-order today and you will get it for an estimated price of $15/month.

Spinn Coffee uses centrifugal force to brew the coffee and making a morning cup is as easy as playing music on your mobile. All you need to do is to download the Spinn app connect your Spinn machine with your Wi-Fi and brew your cup with simple tap on your phone!

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It simply makes your day because the morning cup of coffee is much more than an early morning beverage and preparing it with ultimate ease is a luxury!

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Spinn Coffee in Their Own Words:

Spinn Coffee creates a new way to brew and experience coffee. Based on patented centrifugal brewing technology Spinn delivers an amazing tasting Espresso, Americano, French Press or drip coffee. The Wifi connected machine auto-replenishes using a marketplace for local specialty coffee roasters. Spinn solves the POD problem, using fresh beans instead of expensive, wasteful and non-fresh pods like Keurig and Nespresso. The machine makes a single serve or a carafe of coffee from fresh grounded beans. Oh, Spinn also solves the BAD Coffee problem.


What Brings Spinn Coffee to the Spotlight:

Sustainable coffee world with quality coffee that people deserve!


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