Get Your Non-Productive To-Do List Done With Alfred

One of the bitter truth for almost all of us and particularly for working women is that, their home gets neglected when they step up in the career. It can be quite frustrating and can effect your workplace productivity drastically.

Those who are most concerned about home do not dare to step up, just because they cannot handle the professional growth because of too many non-productive to-dos. But the old days are gone, you can have a successful career without worrying about most important yet non-productive duties required at home.

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If you are looking for one of the smartest ways to take care of the weekly errands without the need of doing them yourself, then Alfred is the right choice for you.

This service helps to pair busy individuals like you with knowledgeable, organized, intuitive people who handle all your necessities of all from sending couriers to dry cleaning to buying groceries to paying utility bills. Alfred eases an individual from stress and free up the time to be productive on the other important things.

Alfred in their own words:

Founded by Jess Beck and Marcela Sapone, Alfred is a hands-off, automatic service  that gels perfectly with your life so that you can have plenty of time to spare for your friends and family.

Why Alfred is in Spotlight:

As people are getting busy with their lives, Alfred provides an easy and organized solution to meet all your daily requirements.

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