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GetDismissed; the Easiest & Most Convenient Way for California Drivers to Fight Traffic Tickets

Receiving a traffic ticket in California is very common. A majority receives at least one traffic ticket every 18 months. Fighting a traffic ticket is not just expensive, but is time consuming as well. Moreover, it can cause your increased insurance rates and a suspended license in case of too many points.

Getting traffic ticket dismissed and keeping point off the driving record is important for just anyone who drives a vehicle, but it’s a must for people who drive for a living, i.e. commercial drivers. And to do so, you have to follows a process full of frustrations and confusions.

GetDismissed has an easier, simpler and cost effective solution for time-consuming and costly traffic ticket fighting process. With this simple web service and mobile application, you don’t need to go to court anymore!

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You don’t have to fill out paperwork too; just take the picture of your ticket and license, upload, and answer few simple questions. The system will verify the details and will prepare the defense; just download it, sign and mail it to the court!

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Yes, there’s a small fees, which is too low as compared to the other available options.

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So, if you think you may fight the ticket yourself, you must know that the court looks for specific things for each type of ticket and each court tends to behave differently. GetDismissed has a team of experts who are doing this for long enough and they know what will work and what not! So, no matter where you are in California, they have clear understanding of how to help you win!

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GetDismissed in Their Own Words:

GetDismissed is an easy to use, web service and mobile application that allows California drivers to simply fight a traffic ticket without going to court. It provides the drivers the ability to easily contest a traffic ticket without going to court. You take a picture of your driver’s license and traffic ticket and answer a few simple questions about your traffic ticket.

Our system then verifies all submitted information and generates a fully prepared defense so you can contest your traffic ticket by mail, instead of going to the court. This is called a Trial by Written Declaration. You just download and print all your documents, sign them, and mail them to the court. It’s that simple.

What Brings GetDismissed to the Spotlight:

It’s easy, quick and low cost solution for California drivers to keep their records clean!

GetDismissed Website:

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