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Getting Started on Elance, Freelancer & oDesk

Formalizing your freelance services into a proper business model is the only way if you want to quit your current job and want to be your own boss. Once decided, Elance, Freelancer, oDesk might be one of your top priorities if you plan to include a freelancing website as a major source of projects. 
Even if you’re more focused on getting business from Linkedin, referrals and other sources like SEO, PPC, and other lead generation techniques, it is important to include freelancing websites in the source of projects, because a good business should not rely on a single source of leads. What if you are unable to get good business from one source in a particular month, you should have a working alternative!

This article will help you to get started on these websites in a professional way because as a new provider you need to do some effort to attract the attention of buyers. If you registered recently, you do not have anything to show in the ‘Snapshot’ or ‘Job History’ sections you must have to create credibility from whatever options available for you at this very stage.

Let’s start with how to do what;

1- Specify Your Skills: Elance profile allows you to choose from the wide variety of skill-lists and almost same is the case with other sites.
2- Get Your Skills Rated: You can self-rate the skills or can opt-in to take tests as well. Basic tests are free and it’s very much important to take a few tests to build credibility.

3- Take Relevant Tests Only: If you are a WordPress expert, take WordPress tests and get verified scores, similarly if you are a writer take the test that meets your skills set. It improves your chances of getting projects.

4- Have Your Portfolio Updated: Although employers do not always look into your portfolio, rather they evaluate you from your proposal, it’s very important to have an impressive portfolio. If you’ve not done anything as a freelancer yet, you can build a portfolio using relevant examples from your previous workplace.

5-  Get Visual: Do not forget to upload screenshots of your best works in Portfolio section.

6- Be Linked: Screenshots are not always enough to impress the buyer, so linking your best work with relevant URLs (where samples are live) will work perfect.

7- Must Have the Written Description: You are given an about/overview/description section, where you can put all about you in an interesting read.

Considering the points above will give you an impressive profile on Elance, Freelancer, oDesk or any other freelance websites. And yes, a company name will do better than your personal or screen name as it sounds more professional.

Bonus Tip: You might consider building a profile on too, as it is more effective than other freelancing websites.

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