Gift Card Tank; Making Gift Cards Donations Hassle Free

Receiving gift cards is a just awesome, but many times, these gift cards remain unused because of various reasons. Just like donating your unused clothes and other stuff, donating these gift cards can be a great way to help people in need while making the full use of cards.

However, the problem is that most of the charities and non-profit organizations do not accept gift card donations because they cannot liquidate these cards.

Gift Card Tank steps in to solve the problem. The service allows you to make good use of unwanted or partially used gift cards by donating them to charity. Gift Card Tank bridges the gap between gift card donors and the charities. A gift card as it is received by Gift Card Tank is liquidated into cash, and the charity receives the cash value of the card.

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Non- profits, churches, schools, organizations, anyone that seeks donations and for those who wish to donate, Gift Card Tank is one stop solution!

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What makes it unique is that it is the only company providing a facility that allows a charity to register and accept contributions straightaway.

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Gift Card Tank in their own words:

A service providing tools to allow unwanted and partially used gift cards balances to be donated to charity targeting non- profits, churches, schools, organizations, anyone that seeks donations.


What Brings Gift Card Tank to the Spotlight?

So far, the only service that allows a charity to register and accept gift card ontributions immediately focusing on the online aspect.


Gift Card Tank Website:

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