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Unique Giveaways that Your Employees will Love

Employees work in different ways and spaces depending on the company for which they work. However, all employees like receiving gifts at work whether free or duly deserved.

Unique Giveaways that Your Employees will Love

Finding giveaways for your employees is one way to motivate them. It can either reinforce certain behaviors or simply boost morale in the office.

On the other hand, giving gifts to employees is very different from giving personal gifts. There are human resource policies to be upheld but that does not mean that you cannot be creative and find gifts your employees will like.

The following are giveaways that are assured to make your employees’ day:

YETI Tumbler

When thinking of giveaways for the office, practical items are always a good idea. A YETI tumbler is a stainless-steel mug that has been designed to keep the contents of the cup at optimal temperatures whether hot or cold.

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Many employees like to carry a beverage from home such as coffee before refilling it at the office. They will hence appreciate a YETI tumbler which will help keep their beverage hot or cold as they enter the office in the morning.

A YETI tumbler is a very versatile gift as it can be used for work as well as personal reasons. It is also a very affordable gift which means you won’t have to blow company coffers.

Customized Stationery

We don’t use pens and write on paper as much as we previously did. However, that only means that a pen can be a much more wonderful gift as it can be a statement of style rather than a functional object.

A great giveaway to give an employee is a pen or other piece of stationery that has been customized for them. It may include a classic pen with the employee’s name on it or a specially designed letter opener.

You can get creative with customization which makes stationery a great idea for employee giveaways. The personal touch will also let them know that you indeed care for them.

Custom Trophies

Trophies have always been associated with success. Therefore, giving an employee a trophy is an immediate recognition of their success in whatever form.

It is especially so if it is a customized trophy. You can get a custom trophy from a wide variety of places. You can also get a selection of designs with which to customize the trophy.

Unless your employee is a former football or track star, they probably don’t have a trophy with their name. Hence, it is a unique giveaway for your employees.

Succulent Plants

Greenery is something that most of us associate with the outdoors. On the other hand, a plant does not have to be outside as it can brighten up the indoors.

A succulent plant needs some maintenance to remain alive for example water and sunlight. However, when getting a succulent plant for an employee, it is best to get one that requires as little maintenance as possible and is hard to kill. A cactus or aloe vera are great examples.

The plant will not only liven up the office or space of the employee, but it will also improve their mental health.

You can also customize the pot or box which contains the plant.

Coffee Gift Cards

Coffee at the office is usually terrible and made in a hurry. However, your employees will still drink it since they need the energy boost.

A great giveaway for such employees would be better coffee.

Buying a roasting machine that brews great coffee is one idea but is time-consuming and expensive. Coffee gift cards are an excellent alternative for your employees.

Gift cards to Starbucks or any other coffee shop that makes delicious coffee will have your employees smiling in the morning while they are brimming with energy.

Card Wallet

leather wallet

Your employees probably need to use several cards before they get to work.

They may have many more cards for personal use. Therefore, helping them be more organized with their cards can be a great gift.

The best giveaway in this regard would be a leather card wallet because your employees will probably use the wallets every day.

Leather also is a great material because it is strong and durable.

You can also go the extra mile and customize the wallets for example with employee names. I am sure that they will appreciate the personal touch.

In summary, leather card wallets, custom trophies, custom stationery, coffee gift cards, succulent plants, and YETI tumblers make great giveaways for your employees.

You should know your employees well if you are to find unique options for gifts. The above options will suit just about anyone.


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