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6 Fun Gifts for Your Gamer Friends

Despite all the love you might have for a person, sometimes picking out a gift for them can be a dreadful ordeal. For an artist, you can get them art supplies, and for a wine fanatic, a fancy bottle, but what on earth do you get a gamer?

6 Fun Gifts for Your Gamer Friends

If you’ve spent restless nights pondering over the question, ponder no more because we’re here with the answer. Here are six fun gift ideas for your gamer buddies.

TV Backlight

Lights are quite an underrated gift, but for a gamer, anything that can enhance their gaming atmosphere is highly valuable. Picture attacking a boss in a regularly lit room with no music. Quite boring, isn’t it?

Now, picture music blaring in a dark room where the only light source is a screen surrounded by a blue, yellow, green, or even violet LED halo. It’s a game-changer. Especially, if you get them a remote-controlled set that changes colors.

The best part is that the whole thing requires no assembly. Just stick the lights to the back of a screen and hook them up to the nearest power output.

Game Credit

There hasn’t yet been a gamer who rejected the precious gift of game credit. To you, it might not be real money, but for them it’s everything.

If they’re often vocal with you about the time they spend online, you’ve got to know about some of the weapons or costumes they’ve always wanted. The best weapons on any game are the ones that cost game credit, that’s how a game makes money.

If your friend isn’t willing to spend a little on themselves, why not treat them to that OP golden blade? You can find game credit available for purchase online or in almost any electronic store near you.

Custom Playmat

Playmats have a few other benefits besides their cool aesthetic; they provide traction which keeps the mouse from sliding.

If your buddy is a big fan of first-person shooting games, chances are, they already use something of the sort to steady their aim when the going gets tough. As for the looks, there’s no doubt that custom is king when it comes to gifts.

According to what we’ve seen on, you can pick from an array of sizes and designs, or you can choose your own. If you know the size of your friend’s gaming station, a customized mat is a way to go.

But, make sure you pick a high-definition design because enlarging a low-definition image in print is a recipe for disaster.

Retro Phone Case

It’s only the most dedicated of gamers who appreciate the games that started it all. They’ve got an overpowering nostalgia for Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda, and Street Fighter. All the retro classics, really.

The cure for such nostalgia? A phone case with their favorite retro game design printed on the back. On one hand, it’s already hard to find a decent-looking phone case. On the other hand, they’d get to carry around their love for the good old days everywhere they go.

Collectibles & Merch

With this one, you can’t miss the mark. Even if your friend has no appreciation for figurines and statues, there are always other options like shirts, robes, plates, cups, and even shot glasses. They’re not fans of those either? Get them a desk lamp.

What about a blanket or maybe a chopping board? Do you get the picture? If you don’t have any stores around you that can provide you with such a wide variety of products, you can always browse the internet for what you need.

Gaming Chair

gaming chair

A gaming chair for a gamer is like a Gibson SG for a guitarist or a 50-year-old whiskey for a drinker. A good gaming chair not only lasts and stays in use for years, but it also packs an overall better gaming experience.

For those who spend hours on end in front of their screens, a gaming chair is designed to help them maintain a proper posture, thus avoiding neck and back pain. With an adjustable postural support system, a gaming chair will quickly replace you as a gamer’s best friend.

If you thought you had no options before when it came to gifts, you now know that there are too many options to choose from. But, how can you ever make a decision? We recommend that you consider getting your gamer friend something that directly affects their gaming experience, like a playmat or a chair, before you consider accessories and merch.

Buy, at the end of the day, it all depends on your knowledge of your friend, the type of gamer they are, and their taste preferences in general.


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