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Giving Back: How a Community Spirit Can Help in Business Growth

When your business is supported by the local community and you want to show your appreciation, there are ways to contribute locally that will not break the bank.

Depending on what type of business you have, you can contribute in ways that help the community and gain your business recognition and more business success.

Giving back to the community should be effective and good for everyone involved.

Get Involved Locally

When you want to help, but don’t know what help the community needs, do some research and join local organizations that give effectively to the community. Local non-profits are well established in the community and have the knowledge you need to make a difference and enhance your business’s reputation.

They will have a list of projects they are raising money or awareness for. Some projects involve the construction of parks, walkways, or other community betterment projects.

There may be a use for engraved pavers donors. Your company can purchase engraved pavers to donate with other donors’ names engraved on them. There are companies that specialize in this type of fundraiser where bricks or pavers are involved, and the success of the fundraising is measured by the growing number of engraved bricks or pavers that accumulate. When the project is fully financed and built, the bricks or pavers are a permanent reminder of all the people who donated funds to build it.

Local organizations provide many ways to give back to your community at the same time you are making connections with other business owners and helping your business grow. There are many other ideas for giving back to the community.


Share Knowledge

A new business or a business without a lot of extra funds can still help their community by sharing expertise and knowledge. You can teach others your valuable skills. A bookkeeping company can help non-profit organizations learn to manage their money better, An architect or design firm can help community-building projects be better designed and executed. A landscaper can give classes on gardening in the local climate conditions. Knowledge and skill are valuable assets.

Donate You and Your Employees Time

Volunteer work is an important gift to any community. Community cleanup or building projects need willing hands to do the work. Local events need volunteers to man booths, set up, or take down the event, and so on. Let your employees volunteer on company time within reason. Consider starting a mentorship program where you help young people learn skills to find jobs or give youth tours of your business to show students what to expect when they look for jobs and enter the professional world. Or consider mentoring a business person just starting a new company.

Sponsor a Project or Event

The old “purchasing team T-shirts for sports events” contribution still works well. Sponsoring local events as a single business or part of a group of businesses helps the community and gives your company more name recognition.

Purchase tickets for local event prize drawings in your company’s name and encourage your employees to do the same. Or, start your own prize drawing and give the money to a good cause chosen in advance.

Promote other Local Businesses

Local businesses need all the help they can get, and utilizing them for supplies and services helps everyone. When you are having a marketing event, utilize local businesses for catering, flowers, and advertising. When you are contemplating a building project, get bids from local contractors. The local contributions you make will also benefit your company in the future.

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