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Goo.ey Mobile Phone Cases; Usability within Simplicity

Some people consider the phone cases simply as rugged little things that protect their phones, but for others, they are more than just phone protectors. These little wearable accessories for your tech actually show your sense of style!

You may want to match your phone to your outfit, or want to express your aesthetic sense through a phone case; having a limited edition phone case will add more value to your style statement!

So if you are ready to stock up, do check Goo.ey; a British brand that collaborate with artists, activists and fashion designers to create limited-edition cases for mobile phones and tablets.

gooey main image

Goo.ey is basically a hands free case that sticks to mirror and glass with suction; so you can take better selfies, chat on Facetime or Skype with more ease and make videos conveniently.

gooey image 1

The Goo.ey cases are made with a layer of enhanced epoxy which grips to glossy surfaces like glass, with suction and you can unstick it simply by lifting and pulling firmly. Don’t worry, it will remain sleek and smooth and won’t stick to your hands or in pocket!

gooey image 2

Even if you are not a style geek, you would love the Goo.ey cases for their simplicity and ease of use. In fact, Goo.ey is a must for selfie lovers, socially active people and all those who watch movies and long videos on their phones!

gooey logo

Goo.ey in Their Own Words:

Goo.ey cases are changing the way people use their phones and tablets. They provide a hands free experience by enabling you to stick your device to glossy surfaces (glass, mirror and acrylic). The epoxy material grips with suction (‘gecko principle’) and holds the device securely in place. This means you can get on with life – taking full-length selfies and videos, watching films and enjoying apps like FaceTime and Skype. The cases are sleek and smooth to the touch and won’t stick to your hands or pocket


What Brings Goo.ey to the Spotlight:

The simplicity and ease of use which will change the way people use phones, for good!


Goo.ey Website:

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