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Does Google’s Product Review Update Affect the Ecommerce Website?

For a short answer, yes! A product review can affect your eCommerce state. As you may know, the Google product reviews update is created to promote content different from the same information you can see on the web. Many eCommerce websites can sell diapers, but how and what is put on the review’s description can make a specific diaper different from other diapers in the market.

These types of reviews are what Google is after. Once they have identified such, they will promote these products on the first page of their results when a potential customer looks for them.

This is actually one reason why some businesses hire an ecommerce SEO Expert or an SEO consultant just to give their product a proper review.

What Does It Mean to Review a Product?

A review is like feedback from a customer. However, this is not the kind of feedback you commonly see on social media websites. It has to comment on a business website or an eCommerce website.

A product review contains how the customer finds the product. This also includes additional descriptions that the product description missed. This can be written by a customer who would want to help other buyers rate and scrutinize the product.

Importance of Product Review in Ecommerce

Anything that is on display gets feedback from anyone, including potential customers. If an eCommerce SEO Expert has put a product review excellently for a certain commercial website, it will impact any business’ target market.

But how does an SEO consultant do a good product review? It is effortless. First, they have to think of a good title. And, of course, the description is as important as its title.

An SEO consultant should write or know the pros and cons of a product and lay it out in the product review section without appearing rude and discriminative in any way.

Do Product Reviews Help SEO?

Yes! According to many SEO consultants, reviews can increase your site’s visitors. Besides, Google does not put favoritism in their results except if it is put as an advertisement.

Nevertheless, putting a product review as an advertisement could turn off potential customers. They will have the impression of being fooled. They would also feel like you are not taking their needs seriously.

In the same way, putting a good product review would make them feel appreciated. Moreover, if the product review is complete and is written with honesty, they would think that the business or eCommerce website isn’t offering their product just to get money.

The good thing about SEO is that its requirement works for everyone. Although there are websites with a good traffic flow because they are popular, Google does not look at this factor.

Final Say

Google updated its product review algorithm to help consumers get the best products they deserve. Google found out that most shoppers check the review first before purchasing a product.

So whenever you want to check a particular product, check if there is a Google Product Review section for that product. These are chosen carefully by their algorithms and are a hundred percent unbiased.


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