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GotoMyQB; a Faster & Smarter Search Engine for QuickBooks Data

QuickBooks is small businesses’ best buddy when it comes to save time and money on tracking your sales and expenses as well as organizing finances and managing tax. However, QuickBooks’ performance decreases as the size of the company files increases.

Although, QuickBooks doesn’t have any limits on the size of your company data file, but the performance goes down if your network is not capable of handling files with more than more than 500 MB in Pro or Premier account and more than 1.5 GB in QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions or if you have a transaction history older than 7 years.

GotoMyQB solves this core QuickBooks issue by allowing you to search Quickbooks sales and customer data without having QuickBooks open. GotoMyQB works on desktops, laptops, tablets, and phones and can be installed with ultimate ease.

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Using GotoMyQB you can search your QuickBooks customers, invoices, sales receipts, and vendors from a search box accessible via any browser. This simplicity and ease lets your Salesforce executives be more accurate and highly productive.

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And yes, don’t worry about the data protection; it makes only sales and customer information available, no bank account, private financial, human resource, or other sensitive data is exposed. Further, only the users with approved accounts can access GotoMyQB.

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Certainly, a must try for all small businesses that use QuickBooks!

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GotoMyQB in Their Own Words:

GoToMyQB installs on the same machine as QuickBooks and searches the data in the Customers, Invoices, Sales Receipt, and Vendor areas of the QuickBooks database.

Users with accounts can visit an internal web page configured by GoToMyQB and search QuickBooks information. Users who want to search QuickBooks data do not need to access the QuickBooks application. They only need a browser. This makes QuickBooks data available virtually anywhere. If you’re a quickbooks enterprise hosting service user then GotoMyQB can still be helpful for you to access your QB data remotely.

What Brings GototMyQB to the Spotlight:

It increase the team efficiency and overall organizational productivity when used with QuickBooks and its add-ons such as, TSheets and Office 365 etc. Learn more about Hybrid Office 365 Migration

GotoMyQB Website:

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.