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GPS For Security Guard Tracking: Advantages And Disadvantages

The Global Positioning System (GPS) and its operation are generally understood by most individuals. GPS technology is utilized to provide the information required when managers need to track and remotely monitor actions taken, such as the route taken by a security guard while on patrol.

GPS, a vital part of today’s technology, enables security firms to keep a constant eye on their personnel even while operating remotely.

Before getting into how security businesses utilize GPS technology to measure guard performance, let’s define the technology and discuss how the sector has profited from its application.

How Does GPS Technology Work?

GPS is a radio navigation system based on satellites that orbit the planet and aids in delivering “meaningful information” about the objects being monitored.

Available data or current coordinates of a person’s position are examples of important information. Guards on patrol use GPS-enabled smartphones to collect this data for physical security, which is then visualized and shown on a map.

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What Are The GPS Uses For Security Guard Company Software?

Security corporations used GPS technology to monitor the movements and whereabouts of their guards. In a time when remote monitoring is essential, GPS technology is now more significant than ever and is being utilized to help security guard company software increase its visibility.

Here are three examples of how security firms have adapted GPS technology to the modern world:

  • Following remote teams as they finish their tour assignments.
  • Checking the whereabouts of a guard while on patrol between locations.
  • Guaranteeing that guards remain in or leave a designated area.


You Constantly Know Where Your Security Personnel Are

A GPS-based security guard tracking system’s most obvious benefit is eliminating system-gaming opportunities. Is your officer slipping away for a snack or a nap in the car? GPS will inform you.

Supervisors can even set up geofencing around properties with GPS-enabled guard tour systems, which will send out alert messages if guards aren’t present at the appropriate time.

Protect Yourself From Untrue Accusations

GPS records are a simple way to settle the dispute if an irate client calls and complains that your guard wasn’t on-site at some point during a shift. A GPS-based guard tour system will track your service vehicles and show you and your client where every one of your officers is or has been while carrying out their guard tours.

Highly Effective Mobile Patrols

A GPS may be utilized to ensure mobile patrols are effective and safe, in addition to ensuring accountability. For example, some mobile patrol software incorporates GPS to monitor speeding, hard stops, and quick acceleration to provide a complete picture of your officers’ driving behaviors.

Given that an officer won’t be able to examine a property at 40 MPH thoroughly, GPS-monitored mobile patrols can also offer management a sense of how well a security vehicle patrol is being carried out. Additionally, keeping an eye on your team’s driving habits will assist in guaranteeing the durability of your cars.


A False Sense Of Security May Result From Gps

While GPS-based security guard tracking can demonstrate that an officer was present, it cannot confirm that the customer benefited from the officer’s presence. For many businesses, using GPS as an accountability measure in isolation can give the impression that the work is being done correctly.

Gps Does Not Offer Complete Transparency

Effective guard management includes security guard tracking, but without other procedures, it will only provide a partial picture. A comprehensive guard tour system can be a management and documentation tool that offers full coverage.

Contact therms if you believe your security company needs a guard tracking system. Our GPS-enabled technology helps improve communication and productivity throughout your organization. Contact us today and let us know about your requirements.

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