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9 Great Goals to Set for Yourself and How to Achieve Them

Creating the life of your dreams comes down to the choices that you make. When we want certain experiences in life, we aim for accomplishments that align with these visions. And the way we achieve the big picture is through setting smaller goals.

But no matter the specifics of what you envision for your life, there are a few areas to focus on that will guarantee a healthy, balanced life. Keep reading to learn 9 great goals to set for yourself, for all aspects of life, and how to achieve them.

1. Gain a Positive Mindset

When certain situations occur in our lives, we have the option to look at it as a lesson or a setback. The difference between these perspectives comes down to your mindset.

Oftentimes people with generally negative mindsets tend to take on the victim role in certain circumstances. Focus on developing a positive mindset and a sense of optimism so that you’re able to learn valuable lessons from life to help you grow.

You can start with some of these methods:

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  • Focus on the good in situations
  • Practice gratitude
  • Engage in positive self-talk
  • Avoid negative people
  • Start a meditation practice

2. Improve Physical Health

Many people say that health is wealth and this statement rings true for many reasons. Numerous studies have shown that exercising regularly has multiple benefits including lowering blood pressure and increasing overall happiness.

Besides working out, it’s also important to monitor what you put inside your body. A rule of thumb is to avoid processed and sugary foods while consuming more whole foods. Also, remember to get enough sleep, water, and vitamin D on a daily basis.

3. Reach Financial Freedom

Some people may not start off with financial literacy in their younger years. Unfortunately, this can leave them with debt and money issues due to making bad decisions. But becoming financially free is possible and more simple than you might think.

Seek out knowledge about money and finances. Learn about saving, investing, budgeting, and other financial topics. Then, make a goal-setting plan to put yourself in a financial position that most aligns with the vision you have for your life.

4. Have a Work-Life Balance

Many people aim to have a thriving career in their life. Unfortunately, this often comes with overworking, overwhelm, and burnout. The best way to avoid this is by intentionally cultivating a good work-life balance.

You can develop a good balance between work and your personal life by first becoming aware of time management. Pay close attention to how much time each area of your life realistically requires for maintaining. Then, use tools like calendars, schedules, and time trackers to help make sure you divide time sufficiently between each.

Another way is to set boundaries within both areas. For instance, keep up by making smaller goals to know whether you’re on track with balancing both. View here for more help on goal setting and goal management with Mesh.

5. Read More Books

One of the most enriching goals to set for yourself is gaining more knowledge through reading books. 88% of people who have reached financial success say that they read at least 30 minutes per day.

Reading not only gives you the chance to self-educate; it also helps you grow as a person by gaining new information and perspectives on life. Start by choosing at least one book to read per month, then continue to build your library.

6. Remove Limiting Thoughts

Have you ever wanted to aim for something you desired but never pursued your dream? These types of cases are often due to limiting thoughts and beliefs. A limiting thought is a state of mind that causes restrictions in your decisions and behaviors.

When we have limiting thoughts, there’s often a tendency to shrink ourselves and move out of fear. Removing limiting thoughts allows people to live more authentically and feel free.

Start to remove limiting thoughts by first becoming aware of which negative thought patterns may be holding you back. Then challenge those beliefs by asking questions such as “is there any proof of this” or “does my reality reflect this”. Once you start to melt away the limitations, replace them with healthy thoughts and outlooks to get what you want out of life.

7. Learn a New Skill or Hobby

Sometimes we may feel stagnant in life and need a spark. When this happens, learning a new skill is among one of the best goals to set for yourself. New skills and hobbies add excitement and expansion to our lives.

Find something that piques your interest and curiosity, then start researching. Remaining a forever student of life is both enriching and fun.

8. Develop Healthy Relationships

The truth about getting through life is that humans need other humans. Our interpersonal relationships are often essential for our growth and even survival.

However, sometimes people struggle with developing relationships that are healthy and long-lasting. It’s important to know how to find people that align with you and build solid connections.

Here are a few tips on how to cultivate great relationships:

  • Have good communication skills
  • Be open and honest
  • Keep realistic expectations (we’re all human)
  • Remove people who feel draining, negative or unsupportive
  • Make time for socializing
  • Reciprocate what others give
  • Create boundaries and respect those of others

Remember that people make mistakes and deserve grace. But, at the same time, be protective of your energy and be able to discern between harmful and helpful behaviors.

9. Be More Confident

This might seem like one of those vague goals to set for yourself, but it’s actually quite helpful. Many people avoid the things they really want to do in life due to a lack of confidence. But you can become a more confident person with some simple goal setting.

Focus on getting out of your comfort zone by setting small goals for yourself. For instance, if you’re nervous about public speaking, plan a small talk in front of family and friends. Each time you accomplish a task, track your goal achievement with Mesh.

Thrive With These Great Goals to Set for Yourself

Becoming the best version of yourself starts with making intentional decisions. You can start to live a thriving and fulfilled life by trying some of these enriching goals to set for yourself.

Remember to stay committed and put systems and tools in place to help you succeed. For more tips on goal setting, check out the rest of our blog.


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