Group Travel Planning Made Easy with Travefy

Exploring new things is human nature and traveling is probably one of the best ways to nurture this nature. Group travel is always an excited option whenever you plan a trip because having a company doubles the fun and joy of any trip.

Well, traveling in a group is super exciting, but may turn to be a headache if not managed. So all you need is a good travel manager; not necessarily the travel agent, but a simple solution that is accessible by every group member from anywhere.

This is what Travefy does. It solves the coordination headaches of group travel simply by getting all the group members on a same page on every step they take during the trip.

Groups can collaboratively organize all trip details, build an itinerary, collect money for shared trip expenses and can find where to stay, where to eat etc.

The process is simple, you create beautiful itineraries, collect money for trip, discover and save trip ideas and the best thing is that you can do it all from any mobile device.

Travefy is equally useful for planning destination wedding, bachelor party, corporate travel, spring breaks and even if someone wants to add some value to their travel agency business!

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Travefy in Their Own Words:

Travefy was founded when David Chait was planning his best friend’s bachelor party and experienced all of the pain associated with group travel including an inability find a date that worked for the group and getting stuck with a hefty unpaid bill at the end of the weekend.

At that point, he knew there was a need for simple group travel tools and began researching, validating, and building Travefy. After getting Chris Davis onboard, the two instantly shared passions and hit the ground running building Travefy.

What Brings Travefy to the Spotlight:

It’s a comprehensive group travel planner with tools that help groups both plan together and pay together. All taken together, Travefy is the easiest online and mobile group travel planner.
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