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GroupMinded is Open for You + 999 Enthusiastic Founders to Build an Awesome Startup

We often happen to have a striking startup/product idea while working on an ongoing venture. The result can be in two dimensions; either you start it in parallel or note it down for future when the main project finishes.

GroupMinded is Open for You + 999 Enthusiastic Founders to Build an Awesome Startup

Both the dimensions will end up being less productive; either the main project suffers or else you may miss that kick ass idea and someone else makes it happen.

Well, that’s very normal for entrepreneurs starting up in isolation and is a big drawback for enthusiastic entrepreneurs as seeing yourself less productive can drain all your energies.

The solution can be a platform that gathers all such wild ideas at one place, get them analyzed and make them happen on the go. You as a founding member should be part of the decision making team for that particular startup/product, while the platform provides the tech and other support.

groupminded main image is one such platform where It’s simple, they are giving away 10% of the company to the first 1,000 founders just for signing up. But, that’s not the limit; the more you participate, the more you earn!

On an average, you are expected to spend 5 to 10 minutes of your time to answer around 2 requests for your brain power, i.e. answering an MCQ or one liner response!

groupmined image 2
groupminded image 3

Your participation will certainly be about what startup idea to launch and how to execute stuff. Being a founding members, your contribution is most important as it’s going to be the deciding factor for the startup.

groupminded logo

GroupMinded in Their Own Words:

GroupMinded is your typical startup, except for… it has 1,000 founders — and each of those founders has a voice in the decisions of the new business. From the conception of the idea – to the logo – to the marketing plan, GroupMinded will follow the voice of its 1,000 founders and execute a startup entirely from crowdsourced thoughts, insights, and opinions of it’s exclusive founding community.

The startup idea you now have equity in is yet to be determined. It could be literally anything from a physical gadget to a new social network. But don’t you worry. As a team we will all work through an ideation process that will unveil the perfect idea.

What Brings GroupMinded to the Spotlight:

A good experiment on social entrepreneurship; creating more space for enthusiastic entrepreneurs to work together on a collective business venture!

GroupMinded Website:

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