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This is rich media age and if you are not paying attention to video marketing, your business is definitely missing one big marketing component!

However, unavailability of widespread distribution channels has always been the biggest problem with video marketing. You created a WOW video for marketing purpose but it couldn’t reach the right people. It remained unwatched and so your business remained unexplored.

Well, a platform connecting video advertisers with huge number of video publishers serves the purpose very effectively. This is what ViralGains do!

So, next time when you create an ad, a documentary or whatever video with the purpose to reach millions of people  through various channels, do not forget to spread it through ViralGains.

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ViralGains in Their Own Words:

ViralGains delivers your video ads across thousands of web and mobile publishers. We help you discover hyper-targeted social audiences who is interested in your video and your brand. ViralGains recommendation engine works to get you the best price per view and the most social engagement on your video. This is how we help advertisers of all sizes find the most perfect audience and true virality, too.


What Brings ViralGains to Spotlight: We always highlight businesses that actually bring some real value to the audience. The idea behind ViralGains is probably not new, but the value it creates for businesses as well as publishers is something really great!


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