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Grow Your Business With QR Crazy Dynamic QR Codes

Business is constantly evolving as a result of emerging technologies and changing consumer behavior; you can no more build a great brand without building an active community. So, whether you are focused on marketing your brand over social media or in offline communities, content sharing plays a vital role in engaging users effectively and influence their buying decisions.

QR codes are one of the most talked about techniques for small businesses and startups to engage customers and prospects effectively. There’s no limit to how, when and even how much, you can share with QR codes. You may send tons on visitors to your latest video, a landing page, or you may even share an entire eBook from a brochure using QR code.

So, if you are ready to take your business to the next level by attracting more of your offline audience to your website and social media, do signup for an account at QR Crazy which is a powerful, dynamic QR code generator & designer.

You can create dynamic QR codes with QR Crazy for free, but if you have a full marketing strategy in place and you need a handful of QR codes on regular basis, you must go for the premium membership. The premium membership allows you to generate up to 50 Dynamic QR codes with full designer features, i.e. fully editable to adjust logo/photo, link to text, audio/video files, and social media. Moreover, you can find complete click analytics to measure the effectiveness of your campaign as well.

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Isn’t it too simple and too easy to create fully functional QR codes with professional look and feel in minutes simply by uploading your logo/photo and inserting URL details? You have hundreds of colors, shapes and styles to choose from and in fact you can include background QR frames without any tech know how (I am sure, you won’t find this option with other QR tools online.

I personally liked QR Crazy, because it is a perfect solution for non-designer business people and marketers like me. So, I will highly recommend giving it a try; and yes, do try the premium package to explore the complete solutions QR Crazy offers (and, don’t worry, you can enjoy a full month of premium membership for free).

So, go ahead and generate QR Crazy codes for the back or front of your business card, brochures and other marketing materials, sides of trucks and trailers, product tags and packaging, conventions and event nametags, restaurant menus, event ticket stubs, point-of-sale receipts and whatever else you can think of.

You may also use QR codes for installation instructions, directions to your business, organizational policies and procedures, hiring criteria, coupons and special offers, free downloads, customer feedback forms etc.


QR Crazy in Their Own Words:

QR Crazy is a QR code creation tool, providing a wealth of tools to create a truly unique QR code. Users can upload a logo, choose from 100s colors, shapes and styles. It is one of the only generators on the web to include background QR frames.

What Brings QR Crazy to the Spotlight:

It saves time which is money! And it also saves money by eliminating the need of designer!


QR Crazy Website:

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.