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5 Ways to Grow Your Local Arts Scene

To grow your local arts scene effectively, there are a few key things that must be done. They aren’t hard, but it will require work. Follow these quick tips to build a bigger and stronger local arts community.

Build a Strong Network

One of the best ways to grow your local arts scene is to establish and build a strong network of members. There are many areas that fall under this category so this should be no trouble at all.

You can look to local artists and crafters, musicians, performing artists, and any other creatives in your region. Reach out to these people and take steps towards creating a community environment.

This could be as simple as starting an online community on social media or holding regular networking events or mixers for local artists to attend and get to know each other.

Host Regular Events

Another way to grow your local arts community is to organize and host regular events for the general public.

This could mean starting a weekly open mic night at a local bar, hosting a monthly art exhibit at a local gallery, or sponsoring a regular community arts festival throughout the year.

The only way to grow your community is to get more people involved. The best way to do that is to provide opportunities for them to participate. These events don’t have to be big and elaborate.

They can be as simple as borrowing space at a local art gallery or working out an arrangement with a nearby venue to provide weekly entertainment for their customers.

This way, when people search “local entertainment near me” they’ll find your event and be more inclined to attend.

Cross-Promote Activities

In addition to hosting regular events, encourage your community members to support each other by cross-promoting activities.

For example, if you’re hosting an art exhibit then maybe it’ll be worthwhile to get an acoustic act or DJ there to provide music for attendees.

If you’re hosting a musical event, then you can bring in a few visual artists or dance performers to provide added entertainment value.

You can also encourage community members to share information, pass out fliers, and help promote other events happening later in the month.

This way all the members are working together to grow the scene and everyone will ultimately benefit.

Gain Media Exposure

No matter where you live, whether it’s a large metropolitan city or a small rural town, there are media outlets actively looking to give exposure to local artists and community events.

This could be a feature in a newspaper column, a highlight on a radio program, or a guest appearance on a local TV news station.

In addition to more traditional forms of media coverage, you could also get a significant amount of exposure from digital media sources such as online blogs, websites, podcasts, and live video streams.

Give Attendees a Reason to Come Back

One of the most important things you can do, when trying to grow your local arts scene, is to make sure you’re giving attendees a reason to come back. In other words, make sure the event is enjoyable so that they want to attend future activities and support your growing community.


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