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Grow Your Online Learning Business with myQuest Online Coaching Platform

Online learning is one of the rapidly growing industries; reduced costs, flexible timings, and ability to learn from anywhere in the world, makes it a highly preferable mode of training and education, not just for on-job professionals but also for the students who want to make most out of the time.

However, e-learning is not free of challenges and  there are certain issues that can limit the success of online training. For instance; online training can be boring at times due to lack of interactive learning materials. Moreover, student may not make most out of a course due to technical issues in case they are not tech savvy.

If you are a business mentor, life coach or a personal trainer who has been into online training for a while, you already know that these are the big factors contributing to low number of attendees. And, that’s not all; for any trainer who wants to stand out, it is a must to design an interactive training program which actually requires parallel time and extensive effort.

myQuest solves this biggest problem of online learning, by enabling coaches, business trainers, and enterprises to offer interactive and highly engaging training programs with minimum efforts. This interactive training platform allows you to design your courses using AI, micro-learning, and gamification and so, you can engage your customers and employees anywhere, anytime.

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myQuest aims to create better ways to learn online. Let’s see how this amazing online coaching tool can help you grow your coaching business:

  • Using myQuest platform you can have a very own training app for your brand that can deliver personalized mobile coaching experience.
  • Using an easy to use interface, you can create exciting and highly engaging “Quest” for your users whereby they complete missions, unlock levels, earn points, and win prizes. Quest, where it allows highly interactive learning for the user, allows the trainers to automate the coaching program, i.e. you can coach thousands of people at the same time without having to be online all the time. Moreover, you have all the tools available in your dashboard to see each user’s progress and offer support and assistance if necessary.
  • Creating Quest is way too easy if you already have in mind a general structure for it. All you need to do is to develop relevant content and produce landing pages accordingly. In case, if you plan for a big Quest with several levels, it may take some time for you to plan and develop content. But, this is all one time effort with which you can achieve long term results. You may also opt for their content development services to save your time and effort.
  • In order to receive payments direct in your bank account, you’ll need to set up your own Braintree account, but you may also choose to use myQuest’s Braintree account, alternatively. In later case, the money will be transferred to your bank account on a monthly basis.


What Makes myQuest So Special?

Unlike, conventional online courses, myQuest offers a very interactive, engaging and result oriented online learning. Using the platform, coaches and trainers do not just deliver value to their current students, but can also increase the number of enrollments.


Key Takeaway:

myQuest is an amazing solution for just any coach or trainer who plans to start and grow an online business. Whether you are a business mentor, weight-loss expert, a personal trainers, financial advisor or a marketing guru, trying myQuest is a must. As they offer 30-day money back guarantee, there’s no harm in trying the platform. Try it once and I am sure, you’ll love to grow your business with it.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.