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5 Tips for Growing Your Company’s Website

In the digital age, your business’s online presence is crucial. Is your company’s website not generating any leads? You may need to switch your marketing approach and website design to generate more traffic. The right website can draw potential clients to your site and lead to new customers.

5 Tips for Growing Your Company’s Website

Below, we cover the core aspects of website design, optimization, and marketing. Here are five tips that will help your company’s website to grow:

1. Improve Website Speed and Performance

People have a short attention span. If your website is not loading for users, they are more likely to exit out. With technological advances, slow loading speeds are no longer the norm—and customers will expect your website to keep pace.

Look into ways to best optimize your speed and enhance your website’s overall performance. Things like too many videos or graphics, high-resolution images, and disorganized site architecture all can hamper your page loading rates.

On the flip side, fast loading times can have a lasting effect on a customer’s satisfaction, improving your on-page time and engagement and increasing the potential for brand loyalty.

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Website re-design and performance optimization can require quite a bit of technical know-how. If that’s not your specialty, consider hiring a marketing agency, such as Amplified Marketing, to analyze any issues and create a strategy that works best for your team.

2. Be Mobile-Friendly

In the past, the only way to search online was through a desktop computer. Now more than half of internet users browse on mobile devices. By 2025, 72% of internet access will be through a mobile device. You want to be mindful that what may work for a desktop device might not work for a cell phone.

Some website images or videos on a computer do not transfer over to a phone. You want to give an easy website journey and not accidentally overwhelm the user. Your website should have a mobile-optimized version so that pages resize to smartphone scales.

3. Network with Complementary Businesses

Joining forces with a brand in your niche can be beneficial to both parties.

For one, it can help your company’s name reach more people. If a complementary business recommends you on its site (and you return the favor) or lets you guest post and create backlinks, you can create bi-directional traffic between your two sites.

Even small businesses can find a way to expand their reach by partnering with other local businesses. Forming connections can tighten both companies’ online presence.

4. Actively Participate in Online Communities

If you are selling a product or service that can be helpful to a targeted audience, you should join their online communities. Find a community that is relevant to what you are selling. You will be able to draw users back to your website.

Certain discussion groups or forums can have the right kind of people to lead to new customers. Joining these groups can also help you with content ideas. It allows you to reach your audience across other social media platforms.

5. Integrate Social Media

Adding a social media plugin to your website will make it easier for users to see your social channels and share your posts. Social media sites have high engagement rates, which is great for driving business back to your site. You can calculate your business’s engagement rate to judge if your online presence is improving.

You want to keep your profile active to reach a high follower account that can turn into potential customers. You can also use social media to generate an email list to enhance your email marketing as well.


Growing a company website can be challenging in a time when the internet is rapidly changing. However, by optimizing your page loading speeds, mobile-friendly capacities, and marketing through networking, online communities, and integrating social media, you can get a start in the right direction.


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