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Finding a Growth Strategy That Works for Your Business

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The goal of any business owner is to continuously grow their business. However, it’s not always easy to know the best way to go about this.

Finding a Growth Strategy That Works for Your Business

There are a number of paths you can take towards business growth, and which one you take depends on your specific goals, assets, and circumstances.

Below are some tips and suggestions you can use to find a growth strategy that works for your business:

Define What Growth Means to You

As the owner of a business brokerage, I help others buy and sell websites, assets, and even entire businesses. Therefore, I know how essential growth is in everything you do. The best way to start is by defining what growth means for your business.

There’s more than one way a business can grow. Are you looking to generate more sales? Have a larger market share? Bring on more employees? Expand to an international market? Pick a goal that would best represent what type of growth you would like to see.

After picking a goal, decide how you’ll measure it. It’s easier to aim for and reach a goal when you have something specific in mind.

For example, one of your goals could be to grow sales by 20% by the end of the year. This not only gives you a number to reach for, but it gives you a deadline as well.

While you may want to grow your business in several different ways, it’s best to start by focusing on one area. You may even find that growing in one way leads to growth in others.

For instance, generating more sales could mean gaining a bigger market share. Take the time to pick your goal and define it before implementing anything else.

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Get Advice

If you’re unsure of the best way to grow your business, consider getting some advice. There are a ton of other business owners out there who have had to make a similar decision to yours.

Talk to them about what factors they considered or how they decided the best way to grow their business. Using their experience can help you avoid some pitfalls and make better decisions for your business.

If you don’t have anyone you can talk to about this sort of thing, consider business coaching. A business coach is someone who has experience growing a business and is willing to provide you with guidance.

They can work with you hands-on to help you make specific decisions for your business and guide you along the path towards growth. Business coaching costs money, but it’s often worth it compared to the revenue growth you’ll achieve.

Explore Possible Avenues


Once you know what your business growth goals are, the next step is to find avenues for achieving them.

There are a ton of possible avenues for achieving business growth, and the best one for your business depends on your goals and current situation. Below are just a few examples of possible avenues you could explore to help grow your business.

Hire a Marketing Firm

One option is to hire a marketing firm. Marketing firms can either take on your entire marketing operation or implement a specific type of marketing strategy.

For example, you may have a social media team already in place, but need a team to handle the content marketing strategy you want to implement. Working with a marketing firm can help you generate more sales, expand into a new market or increase your market share in your current markets.

Make Acquisitions

A quick way to grow a business is by buying assets or other businesses. If you have a direct competitor within your niche, you could quickly grow your own business by acquiring it and folding it into your business.

This not only brings you their customer base, but it eliminates competition for future customers. Of course, acquiring a business requires a significant amount of assets on your part and a business that is willing to sell to you.

You could also acquire assets that benefit your business. A well-known example of this is when Microsoft bought Skype. Skype was not necessarily a direct competitor of Microsoft, but it had technologies that Microsoft wanted to make use of.

Microsoft was then able to integrate the Skype services into their own, growing their business and customer base at the same time.

Invest in Sales

Investing in sales is a great strategy for business growth.

Sales are a driving force of any business and it needs investment if you want to grow its capabilities. One way to invest in sales is by simply bringing on more salespeople.

If you can’t afford to bring on new salespeople, consider bringing in some sales development representatives. SDRs perform outreach and find leads for the company, then score those leads based on how likely they are to become a customer.

They then pass this information onto the sales team, who can then spend their time focusing on the best leads.

Another option is to simply upgrade the equipment your sales team is using. Getting them a better customer relationship management tool or better lead prospecting software can allow them to operate more efficiently.

It’s a small investment for something that can prove to be a potentially big gain.

Test and Measure Results

After identifying the growth strategy you want to implement, it’s important that you test it out and measure the results.

Rather than diving in head-first with your new strategy, look for a way to test it out on a smaller scale. You can then measure the results and see if this is the correct strategy to pursue.

Finding the Best Growth Strategy for You

The best growth strategy for your business is likely not the same for other businesses. It may make more sense for you to invest in your sales team, while others need to build out their marketing department.

Therefore, the best thing you can do is define a specific growth goal for your business, then find a strategy that can lead you there.

If you take the time to explore all your options and test any strategies you come across, you should have an easier time achieving the growth you desire.


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