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Guest Blogging: The Updated Guide for 2022

You already know that guest blogging is a surefire way to land more traffic to your site and gain visibility. But every year, the rules change, and in 2022, this type of optimization is a little different than it used to be.

In the past, guest blog posts would be designated with backlinks to the original author’s site. All that is changing, per the newest algorithms, and you should be aware of these important adjustments.

Backlinks “Be Gone”

Previously, Google’s algorithm was set up in such a way that blog owners and businesses could work together and market their products and services. Using backlinks attached to guest blogs, one creative post could be a “two-for-one,” with the writer being a guest author.

As of 2022, guest blogs aren’t backlinks any longer. Google’s requirement is that these types of posts are to be linked as “Nofollow” or as “rel-sponsored” (sponsored by the site owner).

Partner Strategically

Picking a random site to partner with was no big deal before 2022. If the readers were interested in your business, great! If not, no harm was done.

If this was your method, it’s time to make some big adjustments. The new algorithms are going to be looking for specific connections between hosts and guest blogs, such as:

  • Both types of content have a similar niche group or relevance to the main topics
  • The webpage you’re linking to should have domain authority using a Moz-ranked level of 40 or higher
  • The website you’re targeting with your guest post is active, continually posting new content and growing followers

These are all common-sense business strategies, but now they’re essential, too.

Guest Posting Services Are Recommended

With all these new, complex requirements, it’s tempting to throw your hands up and give up guest posting as a marketing technique. But you don’t have to go to that extreme yet!

Instead, consider teaming up with a guest posting service. These businesses know all about getting you the most traffic and highest rankings. It’s what they do full-time, whereas you focus on your product or service primarily.

With a guest posting service, your level of online authority increases, as does the income you’re bringing in with your business. Your target audience grows and you gain trust with them. Over time, they get comfortable with your content and messages, and when they need what you sell, they’ll come to you.

Many blogs are willing to post your high-quality content, even with a link to your site, because it helps them gain SEO authority. They’re adding new content without doing any work, which increases their ranking levels. And you get to boost your SEO rankings at the same time.

With all the options out there, be careful not to partner with a fly-by-night poster. Find the best guest posting service for your needs on this list.

Stay On Top of the Changes

These evolving changes aren’t anything new. We see them regularly as search engines adjust their formulas to prevent anyone from “cheating” to get the top rankings. In 2022, guest posting is still a top marketing technique, as long as you follow the new rules listed here.


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