Gutter Cleaning Services Business

This type of business is perhaps the most difficult since it entails unclogging blocked manholes, cleaning gutters and clearing any debris caused by thunderstorms or rains. No wonder it requires the business owner to be physically and mentally strong to not just complete physical tasks but also bear pungent smell typical of gutters.


Target Market:

There is a huge market for Gutter Cleaning Services Business specially if combined with other types of cleaning services, including Commercial Window & Outdoor Cleaning Services.

  • Organizations which might have gutters in their buildings that are clogged or dirty.
  • Homeowners who do not have the time or resources to clean gutters themselves.
  • Local municipal authorities that outsource such tasks to private contractors.
  • Restaurants, hospitals and other private businesses.

Required Skills/Equipment:

Such a business will require one to be physically and mentally fit. It is hard labor and may require the cleaner to slide inside manholes or work long, difficult hours.

  • Equipments like high powered water hoses, leaf blowers and ladders will be required along with safety equipment for the workers.
  • Accidental or life insurance in case they have to go down the manholes or in difficult areas.
  • Environment friendly chemicals to unclog blocked pipes.
  • Business license as required by the state. Find more information on your local authority‚Äôs website.

Pricing The Gutter Cleaning Services Business:

Since gutter cleaning can be a difficult task involving risks, the price charged can be higher than compared to other cleaning services. It can be charged at a flat rate set for each building (keeping in mind its square foot area), or according to the length of the gutter.

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