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Why Is It So Hard to Find Executives?

Executives are among the most senior staff within organizations, often tasked with important tasks like leading employers, coordinating operational activities, devising policies, and setting company goals. They are pivotal to any successful business, yet many companies struggle to both hire and retain them.

If you’re currently experiencing this problem and aren’t sure why it can be so hard to find executives, you might discover the answers you’re looking for below.

You Aren’t Using an Executive Search Business

A business offering engineering executive search services and executive recruitment for other industries can be a lifeline for any company that hasn’t had any luck securing top talent. While there’s no reason why you can’t scour the internet to find talent yourself, you might not have the same technology, pool of contacts, and experience as a business that dedicates all its resources to this very task.

Whether you need an executive for an engineering company, an architecture organization, or an environmental consulting firm, you might see the value in aligning yourself with an executive search business to streamline the process.

You Aren’t Looking in the Right Places

You might assume you’ll have no problems finding an executive for your company in your town or city. Sometimes, that’s accurate. However, the best person for the job might not live in your area just yet, and it might take a job advertisement outside your city to bring them in.

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Once you’ve put together a winning job ad that includes all the skills and qualifications you’re looking for, post it on job seeker platforms throughout the United States and possibly even further afield. The wider your reach, the more potentially perfect applicants you might have applying for your vacant executive position.

Your Focus Is Too Narrow

Every executive once entered an executive role without ever having been an executive. They might have had all the necessary skills and qualifications, but they hadn’t yet been allowed to put them to use. Don’t assume that the best person for the job already holds a high-ranking position as an executive. Instead, they could be someone who has worked their way up the ranks in their company, has exceptional leadership experience, and just needs a company like yours to help them reach their full potential.

AI Isn’t Working For You

Many companies use AI, such as resume technology, to filter through job applications and narrow down the options. It’s a game-changer for helping those in charge of hiring find the most qualified candidates without having to read through every line of every resume themselves.

However, it can be limiting when you include too many filters. If very few resumes are landing in your inbox, reassess the filters you have in place. For example, if you stop filtering resumes by whether or not applicants have previously held an executive role, you might enjoy a much wider pool of applicants.

There’s no denying that finding executives is challenging, but it might not be as hard for other companies as it is for you. If you can relate to some of these situations above, you might need to change your approach. A few small company changes might ensure you receive new executive employees sooner tha

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.


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