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Why It Is Important to Have a Clean Email Marketing List

Email marketing is a popular business tool as it can solve many problems: helps to return the client to the website; improves service; warms up new customers using an auto funnel; helps you advertise specific products and create personalized selections of them.

If you want to start an email marketing campaign, you should build a database and work with it. The email list of the clients must be assembled by yourself. Do not buy ready-made bases. Why? First of all, this is illegal – the user must subscribe to the newsletter himself.

This Is Ineffective 

Thousands of indifferent users who know nothing about your product. Moreover, they did not agree to the mailing list. This is a direct road to spam.

You Need to Collect Addresses Online and Offline 

When registering on the website, through the subscription form in the footer of the site and blog, in questionnaires when receiving discount cards.

It is important for the client to understand why they need to read the news of your company, what its use of it. If the updates are directly related to his goals and needs, then the call will work.

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Think about how to motivate the client. Indicate that you are sending exclusive useful content by mail, that subscribers join the club of customers who are the first to know about new offers and sales.

It is incredibly important to regularly clear the database of inactive addresses: you need to delete everyone who does not open letters for a long time or does not receive them at all. Doing this manually can take more time than you can imagine.

That is why it is much better to use special email checker services that can do everything for you.

If your emails get into the spam folders of your recipients it also may lead to bad consequences.

There Are a Few Tips on How Not to End up in a Spam Folder:

Use Only Your Base of Addresses of Users Who Have Agreed to Receive the Newsletter

Mailing to other people’s databases will lead to the frequent pressing of the “Spam” button, unsubscriptions, and an increase in the bounce rate. As a result, the reputation of the domain will suffer.

Use Double Opt-in Confirmation of Your Subscription

When the user has filled out the form and signed up, first send them a confirmation email. There will be fewer subscribers, but the database will be of high quality – you will receive 100% valid addresses, fewer recipients who unsubscribe from emails, and a minimal chance of falling under the spam filters of mail systems.

Keep Track of the Sender’s Reputation 

It is made up of the IP reputation and the domain reputation.

Keep Track of the Subject and Content of the Letter

Don’t use clickbait themes or overtly selling words. There is no need to write like this: “URGENT! SALE SALE! Insane discounts! ”. Go to your Spam folder, see what headers are most often found there, and don’t do that. You do not need to write in caps and put several exclamation marks.

Avoid Attachments 

They are often used by spammers to send viruses.


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