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He Became an Entrepreneur at the Age of 75; That too with a Disability

At the age of 75 I have been a business entrepreneur!

This alone was enough motivation for me, and I am sure it is same for enthusiastic youth with entrepreneurial drive. But, then it was not the only surprise as I read the rest of the message! He became an entrepreneur at the age of 75 while having disability!

He along with other fellows is developing a unique sequence of cutting edge programs that will enable people and professionals with disabilities to break lifetimes of system imposed poverty to through meaningful work be enabled to enjoy independence from the chains of poverty.


Who is He?

Well, this is about Owen Doonan, I networked with through Linkedin. He’s truly an inspiration for aspiring as well as established entrepreneurs. My motivation took heights knowing his story, so I feel it worth sharing!

Owen Doonan Says it All

I have been a consultant for 50 years and enjoying exercising my creativity in solving business problems and creating new ventures for others. I have worked internationally both with people in UAE, Japan and Bosnia.

In Bosnia, I found that the workforce was largely composed of former workers with disabilities and developed a unique work model by partnering disabilities together as synergistic work components and set-up a sequence of quasi-franchises to fill local small business needs.

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When He Saw an Opportunity in the Disability

Shortly after completing this project I became disabled. I observed virtually zero support for entrepreneurial efforts in self employment, business development and business revival for entrepreneurs who had experienced mid career disabilities and faced loss of business without intervention and rehabilitation.

So, I developed a course in disability entrepreneurship and a consulting practice to evaluate people and businesses for appropriateness. I formed a non profit initiative to address the key issues of entrepreneurs with disability.

My interest now is to deliver this system as a gift to the U.S. and worldwide to build better disability community and I am actively seeking like minded men and women who ascribe to the non-religious based example set by Jesus who asked that we care for and about one another, share with one another, share our gifts with each other, help each other, heal first the spirit of one another and then call upon the one true GOD to heal our bodies, forgive one another and lastly love one another unconditionally as the one true GOD of Abraham loves and forgives each of us unconditionally.

Concluding it all!

I am truly inspired by this story, and I am sure, if you are reading these lines, you’d have got a massive energy boost by now. Keep up your entrepreneurial spirit, and focus on growing your business while helping others to grow and certainly, you are going to make a big difference.

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.