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The Rewarding Benefits of Getting a Health Science Degree

Did you know that employment in the healthcare field is projected to grow 15% in the next 10 years? This is much faster than the average for other occupations.

The Rewarding Benefits of Getting a Health Science Degree

The field is expanding so rapidly because it combines science and human connection to create a stable career with lots of room for advancement.

A health science degree is one of the most versatile degrees out there. It has a medical technology course, mammography course, and pharmacy, to name a few. So no matter what you enjoy, you’ll be able to find a career that appeals to you.

Keep reading this article to learn about some of the top benefits of pursuing a health science education. Additionally, for those aspiring to a more specialized path, exploring a doctor of medicine degree could open up exciting opportunities in the realm of medical expertise and patient care.

Flexible Job Opportunities

Health science is an umbrella term for support jobs that bridge the gap between physicians and patients. Potential careers include patient education, medical lab technicians, and healthcare coordination jobs.

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Depending on your preferences, you can find a job that works closely with patients, or you can hold a management or research position.

A health science career can also prepare you for a job as a science writer, medical photographer, or even medical illustrator!

Good, Stable Careers 

As you already know, the health science field is one of the fastest-growing in recent times. Every year that passes, more jobs are available. And all of these jobs are stable and well paid!

Depending on the position, health science jobs can have an income range of $35k to $93k! The longer you work a specific position, the higher your salary will get too.

Health science jobs are always in demand. No matter what position you’re shooting for, people always need healthcare. Health science jobs support and enable patients’ access to healthcare.

Health Science Is Fascinating 

If you love learning about the human body and exploring scientific disciplines, you’ll love health science.

A health science education includes anatomy, physics, chemistry, and biology as well as a study of ethics and medical terminology.

Lots of Room for Advancement

After learning about the basics of health science, you have a great foundation for deeper study. Advanced coursework in grad school is available in a wide variety of fields. You can find opportunities to research and teach in academia.

If you choose a hands-on health science job after earning your BS, you can always supplement your qualifications with different licenses and certifications. This allows for greater earning potential and higher positions with more impact and better hours.

There are also lots of scholarships available for health science students, including the Dr. Ursula Mandel scholarship and the Adam Ferrari Scholarship. This scholarship offers 1000 dollars to students with the goal of providing better care for disabled patients.

You Can Really Make an Impact

One of the best advantages of a health science degree is the opportunity to help people. Many people who work in the healthcare field do so because they enjoy the human aspects of the job and helping patients get better.

Connecting with patients humanizes the scientific nature of the job, combining the high-level science aspects with personal interaction.

Explore Your Options

Hopefully, now you understand some of the benefits of pursuing a health science career. The personal and professional benefits are vast and part of why it’s such a rewarding job.

If you’re looking for more lifestyle advice, check out the rest of our blog for more!


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